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  1. I've printed PLA for the longest without problems, now it fails. See Picture. These are the details for the picture marked "ultimaker": UM2 extended+ Cura 4.5 .15mm layer height .35mm layer width .7mm wall thickness 25% infill Ultimaker filament, newly opened (other brand also fails) Speed 100% Nozzle 210C Plate 60C Fan 100% Retraction 6.5mm - 25mm/sec Help really appreciated, my prints for Make4Covid are failing. Thanks, Hubert
  2. I have the same problems with 2.4 and 2.5, version 2.3.1 ran perfect. I just reinstalled 2.5, and (using info from this discussion) had an SD card in the D drive (I never use that drive, the box sits in a hard to reach place, I have a USB-wired external SD drive). Now it works when I double click on an .STL file, no problem. Little but: the "save" is now automatically to the D drive, with the SD card that I stuck in. That is a choice you can override. (bloody browser, it is a D: drive but I have to call it a D drive :-(
  3. Just found it, my first search didn't. I'm going to join there.
  4. I ran fine with Cura, upgraded to 2.5 and kept getting an error message "No disk in Drive D:". The only way to get out of the start-up sequence (clicking cancel, or ignore, or retry didn't work, even dozens of times on one of them - nothing happens) was/is to open task manager and kill the process. Uninstalled everything, deleted the 2.3 and 2.5 directories. Reboot. Reinstall - same result. Just uninstalled Cura 2.5 and installed 2.4 which starts fine. All my installs (windows, drivers etc.) are up to date. 64 gb system with a pentium 7 processor. And an update: Cura 2.4 started fine after t
  5. gr5: my reply seems to have disappeared, probably user error just like this printing problem. I loaded ABS and treated it in Cura as PLA. Doesn't work. Fixed that problem, then it printed well for a while. Also replaced the temp sensor but the machine does not want to print below 65F. And now I have an extrusion problem. Sigh. This technology really isn't reliable yet, I spend more hours on maintenance than on printing :-( Thanks for your help, Hubert
  6. [media=33195]Folks, I've been searching for a while and can't find a good description of my problem nor a solution. All hints in the right direction are welcome! First my prints didn't want to stick to the glass in neither of my printers. Got that solved using blue tape (no way can I make it stick to glass, but that is not the issue here (I think)). Now my 2+ prints fine. But not the 2+ extended printer, the layers of filament don't stick to one another (see picture). I have upgraded the printer firmware, reset the print to factory defaults. I have reloaded Cura (latest version), reset to the
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