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  1. Hey there,

    i have the problem with cura, that the first layer is always printed with to less plastic.

    In S3D i have set a with of 200% for the firstlayer, that works fine. In Cura i set this also and

    the printed line is much smaller.


    All settings are the same as in S3D, first layer height, nozzle, wallthikness...


    I dont know whats wrong in the Cura settings. maybe someone here have a hint for me.





  2. Use infill meshes. Take care: this is not very easy, but once you get it...

    A short how-to:

    Unselect "keep models apart" and "drop models to build plate" in Cura preferences

    Import a second object (for example a simple cube)

    Put Cura in "custom mode"

    Select the cube, and use the button "per object settings" on the left side

    Select "Infill Mesh" and enable that setting

    The cube now turns transparent gray.

    Position the cube to overlap part of your model. It should overlap with the section that you want to change the infill for.

    Also with "per object settings" select the option "infill density"

    Set it to the desired value. All is more or less illustrated in the screenshot below

    The picture shows a cube on the buildplate with infill 20%. Locally, with a rotated 2nd cube, the infill % is raised to 100%.

    What happens is that the volume where the cube intersects with your object is locally sliced with different infill.

    Thanks a lot. I'll try this tomorrow :)

  3. Hey there,

    i use Cura 3.1 for testing. I came from S3D.

    A question i can't find a answer, how can i manipulate the infill on one object for different part sizes?

    What i mean as example, i have a big cube and a small cylinder on top of the cube. If i set the infill to 30% it is fine for the cube, but the cylinder has no infill than. In S3D i can make different settings for different heights, but i cant find something like that in Cura. I saw the gradual infill option, but i don't helps.

    Maybe it would be possible, to have a option, the infill is calculated from the volume of at a layer height?

  4. Yes i did and it works, but i have to set everything on every print.

    I'm looking for a possibility to set a gcode snippet and then only to say insert thins on layer 40, or layer XY ...

    As example, i have a third fan and i want him to blow on layers with small details. So i want to tell simply: power on at layer X; power off at layer Y; on again on layer Z

    I know i can do it with search and replace and i do it this way, but maybe there is a more simpler way.

  5. Hey there,

    i try'd to save a sliced file to Octorpint with Cura, while the printer is printing.

    I get the error message "Octoprint is busy, Unable to start a new job."

    Direct printing on upload is disabled, i only want to save the file on Octoprint.

    Is this a Cura Problem or a Octoprint Problem, that i can't save a File to Octo while it is printing?

  6. Most times, i switch only between layer height. I print most materials in same speed, but with different temperatures.

    I think it should be a user decision, if the temp in profiles takes advantage.

    The main temp should be set in the material settings. If i don't set different temps in the profile, the material temps should used.

  7. Oh really? So i have for every Material to make some Profiles like Fine/Normal/Fast?

    That means, if i have 5 different Materials with different Temps i have to create 15 Profiles?

    That makes no sense. So i hope the developers would think about, to include the temperature into the Material Settings, not in Profile Settings.

  8. Hey there,

    i set for every Material a Print Temperature in the Manager.

    But if i switch Materials, this setting is ignored and saved in the Profile Manager.

    It makes no sense, because i make this setting for a material. So i have to make

    for every Material a Material Setting and a Profile Setting.

  9. Thanks for the answers. I saw this Bug yesterday, when 2.6.1 comes out.

    I installed it and the problem is solved.

    But now i get a new Problem, the print speed is way to fast.

    60mm/s in Cura is like round about 100mm/s in S3D.

    I set the first layer speed to 10mm/s in Cura to get bed adhesion and its like 50mm/s in S3D. I try'd to set acceleration in Cura on/off, but makes no difference.

    So i can't set the print speed correctly.

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