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  1. Ok thanks, i'll give it a try tomorrow
  2. I think so, the Code from S3D looks like this ; skirt G1 X27.690 Y-2.129 F7800 G1 E0.9600 F1080 G1 X27.839 Y-1.570 E0.0144 F1260 G1 X27.848 Y-1.528 E0.0011 G1 X27.915 Y-1.143 E0.0097 G1 X27.921 Y-1.101 E0.0011 G1 X27.996 Y-0.238 E0.0216 G1 X27.998 Y-0.195 E0.0011 G1 X27.998 Y0.195 E0.0097 G1 X27.996 Y0.238 E0.0011 G1 X27.921 Y1.101 E0.0216 G1 X27.915 Y1.143 E0.0011 G1 X27.848 Y1.528 E0.0097 G1 X27.839 Y1.570 E0.0011 G1 X27.692 Y2.123 E0.0143 G1 X27.845 Y2.277 E0.0054 G1 X27.998 Y2.644 E0.0099 G1 X27.998 Y8.356 E0.1425 G1 X27.845 Y8.723 E0.0099 G1 X27.569 Y9.000 E0.0098 G1 X27.845 Y9.277 E
  3. Hey there, i use Cura 2.6 on my CTC an have the Problem, that the Printer with the Cura sliced Code won't print correctly. He goes fast on strait lines and very slow on corners but extrude a lot of filament there. I made a Video of the behavior I try'd Acceleration on and off, but nothing changes. with S3D it prints without any problems. Here is a bit of my gcode: ;FLAVOR:RepRap;TIME:7693;Filament used: 3.77668m;Layer height: 0.15;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 2.6.0M73 P0 ; Enable build progressG162 X Y F3000 ; Home XY maximumG161 Z F1200 ; Home Z minimumG92 X0 Y0 Z0 A0 B0 ; Zero a
  4. Could you try adding a new Custom FDM Printer, just to rule out any issues with upgrading an instance from the previous version? No need to throw out the whole configuration (yet), just add a new printer. I try'd on two different Mac's with blank install.Try'd with adding a second machine, but won't work. It includes only the Machine specific gcode but not the extruder specific.
  5. Can someone confirm this?
  6. Hey there, Custom FDM Dual Extrusion have a problem, with the Extruder specific setting (start/end Code). They won't used in the gcode. Only the Machine settings start/end gcode will be used. second thing, what are the variables for extruder 1 and 2 first layer temp and first layer bed temp?
  7. Found out, the change of the gcode happens if i change the printer model also. not good. One more Problem, i cant place things inside a other thing. Means, i place a big thing with a U form and cant place small things inside the U. Thats a waste of printspace.
  8. Ah that sounds like a regression. Perhaps the parsing of the start gcode is broken. Sadly that's not really a problem for Ultimaker printers, so I don't think we'll spend any time on fixing this issue. that sounds not good :( found out, that if i set the gcode and dont open the settings dialog again, the gcode stays. but if i open and close the settings menu, some code will be removed.
  9. Found two things. Cura won't use a language change. And, if i set my own gcode for temps, Cura set this temps but place its own temp code in the beginning of the gcode also. In 2.4 Cura set no own temps when the variables for this was in the gcode.
  10. No, i cant use the auto generated temps of Cura, because it breaks my print start. So is have to use the variables in my start gcode. But the variable {material_print_temperatue} set's the print temp and not the first layer print temp. i need something like {first_layer_print_temp} or so.
  11. But there is a setting for the first layer temp in Cura. If i set this M140 S{material_bed_temperature} T0 ; Heat buildplateM134 T0 ; Stabilize bed temperatureM104 S{material_print_temperature} T0 ; Heat right extruderM133 T0 ; Stabilize right extruder temperature the printer is heating to print temp and not the set first layer temp.
  12. hey there, can someone tell me the variable for the gcode to set the firstlayer nozzle and bed temperature? i only found the variable for the "normal" print temps, but not for the firstlayer.
  13. Hey there, i'm looking for the gcode to set the initial layer temp. the print temp i set with M140 S{material_bed_temperature} T0 but i can't find what is the variable for the initial layer setting.
  14. Thanks a lot, that would be very nice
  15. I try'd again with the Ultimaker Dual settings, but had no luck to get ist work :(
  16. Yes, i try'd a few days to get Cura with my CTC Dual working, but had no luck. I was searching in some boards for settings, but found no help. I saw a picture of a old version of Cura, where was Makerbot with Dual Extruder includet, but can't find this version. Most of slicers have the ability to use Dual Extrusion out of the box.
  17. I hope so much to see it soon. I like Cura, but can't use it with my CTC Dual.
  18. Hey there, when will Cura be able to handle custom Dual Extruder Printers? Is there something still in planning Regards Manuel
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