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  1. Thank you very much Amedee, Took the easy route, and it works like a dream. Many, many thanks, Martin
  2. Yes, please Amedee, I did try on my own! I unzipped the AppImage, edited line 40 of the script and ran AppRun. However, now I do not get the Post Processing options under the Extension Drop-Down Menu. Regards, Martin
  3. Thank you Amedee, What happens now (I'm new around here, you see...)? Will there be a Cura 2.4.x released at some time with this fix included? Regards, Martin
  4. Hi Kin, Thanks for looking at this. I have taken your advice and tried several other test strategies. Does this help: 1. Run the Cura 2.3.1 PauseAtHight script on an openSuSE 42.1. It works. 2. Ran the Cura 2.4 PauseAtHight on an openSuSE 42.2. It does not work. So, whats different? 1. Cura 2.3.1 is shipped as a deb package. I have to use Alien to convert to an RPM for SuSE. But that seems to be fine. 2. Cura 2.4 ships as a AppImage package. According to AppImage.org, you just run it. In case 1. the path to PauseAtHight.py is: ~>find / -name Pause*.py/opt/cura/lib/cura/plugins/Po
  5. Two test files (10mm high, 5mm dia cylinder. With & without gcode mods. UM2_PauseAtHightTest.gcode1 UM2_PauseAtHightTest.gcode2 The "pauseAtHight" script is whatever is distributed with Cura2.4! And this is the GUI: All that happens is that a comment (;POSTPROCESSED) is inserted at line 5. Regards, Martin
  6. I am trying to use the Pause at Height (I would really like a Pause@Layer) script. However, although, it seems to work, the only changes made to my gcode file is to insert this: Any thoughts? Regards, Martin
  7. At the place you installed Cura... So for most people it would be: /Applications/Cura.app/Contents/Resources/plugins/plugins/PostProcessingPlugin/scripts/ (unless you installed it somewhere else) ... and where will Cura 2.4 be installed when installed(?) or run from Cura-2.4.0.AppImage-Install (the new Linux installer)? Regards, Martin
  8. Hi Kenjo, Thank you for the information. Yes, as I pointed out above, I have also run it. Although, having spent a career in the military aircraft industry, I am very wary of pressing any button unless I know the resulting action - It just may be the ejector seat! So, I ran it on a VM: ~./Cura-2.4.0.AppImage-Install > Cura-2.4.0.AppImage-Install.log This has generated a 22Kb log file. What do all the Warnings and errors mean? I'm new to this forum, so I can't find a way of uploading my file. Can you replicate? My log file begins and ends like this: Fontconfig error: "/etc/f
  9. Hi Krys, And that is just my problem. I have download 2.4 but there are no instructions that I can find - either on the web site or within the package. I am not familiar with "AppImage" distribution, so I threw it at an unzipper. Which unziped the file but I know not how to install it! If AppImage is a new distribution technology, I would have hoped that Ultimaker would have taken a few sentences to introduce us to it? I have even been even more reckless and tried to execute the download file (without unzipping) in a sacrificial VM. Want to see the error log? its 22kb! Regards, Martin
  10. Hi SandervG, Thank you for the information. Yes, my email notifications were on. BUT, I had not noticed that they were set to "Weekly". Changed to "Immediately" and all is well now. Thank you. Please, please, have a look at your CAPTURE policy/visibility! Four time now (and I've only been on this forum a few days), I have composed a lengthy missive full of interesting information - only to click on "Post", before checking the I'm not a Robot box! All gone! Have to start again! My apologies to all who have got a terse and tetchy reply... Regards, Martin
  11. Hi Mikee, The question was: How to install Cura 2.4. Regards, Martin
  12. Hi, I'm new here, so I'm not sure how things work on this forum. So maybe its not broken? But I'm not getting email notification that there has been a reply to a topic that I am following. I've double checked that my email address is correct in my profile. Any suggestions? I'll look back soon to see if there have been any answers... Regards, Martin
  13. The question is: "How"? REgards, Martin
  14. Hi, I am trying to make changes in Cura (Linux 64bit) to resolve some problems. The advice to to set a value in the relevant settings location. However, all the settings I can find are check boxes. For example, how can I set a Line Width to 0.5mm when all I can see is this: The Line Width is Checked or Unchecked! Regards, Martin
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