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  1. IRobertl thanks. One of the set screws (photo) wasn't tight enough on the rod to hold the pulley in place. I can't find the spacer. But i can print it -). Senks
  2. 1 mounth using new ultimaker 3, all is ok. Today, when it works, linear shaft jumped out of the groove (1 photo). I noticed that right part or linear shaf is fixed with black сylinder which blocks him (2 photo), but on the left part there is no cilinder (3 photo). Unfortunately my seller is in another country, i have no possibility to visit him. How can I better act in this situation. Can this item be ordered somewhere ... Thanks!
  3. All is assembled and works. Thanks!
  4. I do not remember from whence is that spring.[/media]
  5. One of these days there was an incident with my ultimaker 3. It was my fault. I had to disassemble the printhead to clean it. Where can i find instructions for assembly printhead. Thanks!
  6. I have tha same problem. Ultimaker 3 Ex is printing by networ, but with USB reports print finished immediately. I tryied with Cura 2.4 2.5 2.6. Help!
  7. Today i come in office and turned on printer. At first second i heard сooler noise, after that no reaction, even no inscription on display "Ultimaker". Unfortunately i concluded to send printer back to seller,as I was advised bu Fbrc8.
  8. I took off WiFi card. Now Ultimaker turning on normaly, but farther inscription on display "Ultimaker" no reaction. I was waiting 10-15 minutes. Twice in turned on, but throught 10 min frezed. Why am I so unlucky? ( firmware
  9. DidierKlein Which connections? I was waitint about 30 minutes... neotko Ultimaker can freeze just in meny not necessarily at the time of printing.
  10. Hi. Today I got my Ultimaker 3 ext. I bought from Italy (Torino). I live in Moldova, this country is too far from Italy, therefore I couldn’t contact quickly the seller with my problem. My ultimaker 3 ext. after 2-15 minutes of work freezes. When it is in freez i turn it off. After that if i turn Ultimaker on, I hear 1 seconds working coolers, next nothing happens (even on screen is nothing). Later i i turn it off, and turn off power supply. After 10-20 min i turn on power supply and printer. He behaves: Sometimes it can freezes with "Ultimaker" on screen and light on the button, next nothing happens during 30 min. It happends when i turn it off, and after 2-5 minutes turn it on. Sometimest it works, but after 2-15 minutes of work it freezes. It happends when i turn it off, and after 10-20 minutes turn it on. Need help pleace! Sorry for my english. Thanks!
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