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  1. don't know what specific problem you have, but your behavior does not fit into this forum, so PLEASE. GO. AWAY. Thank you. Human THIS is precisely my problem.. soft skinned people chiming in with NO SOLUTIONS for NO Reason. So much ego sensitivity here and not enough actual answers. OBVIOUSLY I am not the only person who finds this build not so stable, so look what is happening before calling me out. Then maybe I won't spit venom back at you defending myself.. which apparently is too raw for the softies. Stop asking for a fight and I won't give you one. looking for ACTUAL answ
  2. "pissyland" this guy gets voted up and I get threatened to be kicked because this guy is helpful? Lol.
  3. Since I helped you with your virus issue and you just came at me all douchey, maybe YOU could tell me how YOU get all your software to work with it? What Software do YOU consider high end? Pretty "poor description" as everyone "helping" seems to need more.. So.. put up or bail.
  4. I had my programmers tear into Cura and fix it for my specific pipeline. I already have to pay them to fix your software, not really concerned about making sure all the beards making condescending comments and not helping get help.. so.. no I won't go even further out of my way to make sure they are ok.
  5. Yeah. Cause I'm super excited to help douche nozzle comments like this. Yeah. We did fix it. If you are so rad. Ask your beard.
  6. Anyhow. I'll fix it myself like I have done with every UM and Cura problem so far. No sense in trying to get help.
  7. Is this descriptive enough? I had to do this thing called research to figure out that it was referring to wanting me to update to another OS or use more Service Packs.. I had to research that error just to find out that info.. so how much more descriptive would you like it hot shot since this is the only error I get? ( It doesn't let me view the "detailed crash report" ) before you ask..
  8. So why are you replying if you can't help? What is hard to understand about what I said? What is descriptive? I sent the error to UM.. what else? If you don't get that, you obviously didn't see what was happening with prev versions.. the same issues,,. what do you want ? Just to chime in? Ask me a question if you want to help... Just telling me you don't like the way I talk isn't helping. When you need a product to work and you have spent thousands on it and the dev team keeps fixing things that aren't broken and breaking things that work, then maybe you can tell me to take a breath. I on t
  9. typicall UM team response.. read it again.. and not my first post. QC better. If you want to help, help. did you miss this? The error is related to win updates and service packs informing me that AGAIN, I need MORE service packs to run Cura 3.2
  10. Lose AVast for starters. It is garbage. No high end IT people use it at all. Mcaffee, avast, norton, all garbage and basically a virus in themselves. And they sell your info. Kapersky is the only true secure hold out. They won't sell their code to the US OR Russia where they are from. Most IT guys in my industry that requires an insane amount of legitimate system security use Kapersky for anti virus.
  11. This is not stable at all. I installed it 6 times now. Each time it crashes some of my various higher end 3d software, or simply won't launch due to the same error I got for EVERY Cura version after like 2.1 or 2.3 and up until 3.1 ( which worked fine.. until now.. ) The error is related to win updates and service packs informing me that AGAIN, I need MORE service packs to run Cura 3.2 YOu cats need to understand some of us out there simply can NOT keep adding service packs etc and altering our pipeline.. they often have compatibility issues with other 3d software. This can not keep
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