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  1. I will as soon as they have been tested a bit more and I clean up naming and materials. Also got a couple of guys testing for the Formbot Raptor v 1. Im also a total rookie when it comes to github but I´ll manage.
  2. Yea i figured that much and I did have a look at the UM-settings (i run UM3 as well), but I would need to make a Quality-setting for each material and then limit what Quality-settings are displayed based on the selected material, meaning I would need to make both Quality and Material setting for each materialtype, this pretty much makes the split between material and quality settings almost wasted... In this case it would mean at least 3 default profiles for each of the follow filaments PLA PETG TPU/Flex 98A (Probaby fine on the PLA-settings since retraction can be material-adjusted)
  3. Hi dear Ultimaker Team, this is a question or a request... I spent some time this weekend making a machine configuration for the Formbot Raptor 2.0. Imported an STL for the visual aspects and made a few default profiles along with some nozzles/hotends. So far all is good until i start working on materials... Temperature, retraction and cooling are material settings - very good. BUT I wish you would add a connection to first layer speed on material selection. speed_layer_0 = =math.ceil(speed_print * 0.7) and perhaps even a math-setting for
  4. I spent some time digging in the Cura-files this weekend and I now made my own configuration template for Raptor 2.0 with graphics and everything inside Cura. In my opinion the Cura team should make some more efforts into making this easier for all the crazy people out there who just wants a decent setup... @AbeFM if you want some pointers I´d be happy to help, my settings are not stored in the temporary user-files folder (that gets reset almost daily because of new releases) my printer shows up on the "others" list when you use the add new machine wizard and i made 6 default profiles for
  5. Hi everyone, I´m looking to buy one or more new glass plates for my UM3 but cant seem to find any information on exactly what Ultimaker deliver along with their machines. My current glass has started to fall appart after printing alot of PETG so im looking to get at least one new glass plate for UM3, but i also want the same extremly good adheison for my CR-10 S5... Since my UM3 is currently returned to the reseller for a warranty repair I´m unable to measure the glass my self... Does anyone know exactly what Ultimaker did to their glass or just what ki
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