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  1. It seems like hair spray is the be-all-end-all if you continue to have problems with not sticking after other methods, so I'm sure I'm doing something dumb yet I cannot get a print started now that will stick. With a glass bed, printing a model that's about 7" wide on the 8" bed, I've tried: glue stick plain Elmer's glue spread out thin small/light amount of hair spray soaking the damn thing in hair spray using levels to verify level bed re-distancing bed/extruder numerous times to .2mm (1.75mm filament, 0.4mm extruder) different bed temps and materials That large piece went from one entire quarter peeling up by the 4th layer, to now I can't lay a single bead to start because the line rolls itself up, or if it does stick in an area initially it is pulled off line by the continued bead. I'm really thinking it shouldn't be this hard. The light coat of hair spray (Aquanet Extra Hold) or glue doesn't feel sticky at all to touch when it dries even with heated glass. It acts like the bead is sticking to the extruder? I try to scrape the extra filament off the nozzle before each attempt to reduce that, doesn't help. I was hoping before I continue down the path of painter's tape, wood glue, salt or suger water, etc. someone might see a glaring mistake I'm making. Needless to say, probably, new to printing, only 2 small model success so far, then tried this 7x-failure with a large model. Thanks for any help.
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