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  1. Hi community, I have been printing with Ninjaflex and Cheetah during the last months, about 20 pieces or so, and it always worked well. Last week I was printing with Cheetah, same settings as always and since the print was 18 hours I wen home (I have the printer at the office) then when I came back I found a huge mess!!! It took me about 5 hours to clean the mess, there was cheetah even "inside" the print core, so I was heating the printcore and removing what I could with a lot of patience. I managed to clean it and it looked ok. After that I printed Innofil PLA and ultimaker ABS, both with good results. Today I printed with cheetah again, a small piece (35 min) and I printed it from a printcore AA in the extruder number 2, since it is cleaner that the one in the extruder number 1. When I checked the printe it was printing ok, I left it alone for the last 10 minutes and...: There is a point when it starts to just extrude material and it sticks to the noozle, the material is even having the nozzle shape: I can see that the conditions change at some point, the part of the piece that I could save changes color after some good layers Does anyone has a clue of the reason for this annoying thing!?? I can really figure out why this is happening now if I do things as I always did... I hope someone can give some light to this topic... Have a great day makers!
  2. Thank you for your comment the firmware is now updated. and the printer is 3 months old. I have wiped the tip of the nozzle and done a manual leveling, and then a active leveling too. the active leveling keeps giving the same error message: Difference between detected height of both PrintCores exceeds realistic values. I don't know why. In previous prints it doesn't look like there is curling. I have seen in some other thread that a guy changed the BB nozzle and placed the AA nozzle instead, and the problem was fixed. then he changed back to the BB and he says it's working fine. Some other people suggest to just turn the active leveling off...
  3. Hi Community, I have the ultimaker 3, and in the last tall prints that I have made I have found the print broken by half, its like the head of the printer would have hit the parts. You can see how in the picture. I don't know why that is. It has happen printing with PLA and also with ABS. I know for sure that no one has touch it and now I am getting this error message: Difference between detected height of both PrintCores exceeds realistic values Does anyone know what happens and/or how to fix it? Hoping someone can help
  4. Hola a todos, Soy Ana, nueva en el foro y en el mundo de la impresion 3D en general. Acabo de comprar la Ultimaker 3 y llegara en un par de dias espero... Me leido mucho sobre PLA y PVA, y sobre ABS tambien.. pero de la amplia variedad de materiales que hay cuales dan los mejores resultados a la hora de utilizar pegamentos? Muchas gracias Un saludo, Ana
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