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  1. Well... I don't even own an Ultimaker but already love one thing: The community. Thank you so much guys for the great help and your time... I'm really grateful and it does help me quite a lot. I guess I will keep the Prusa to fiddle around a little bit during cold winter nights and probably go for an UM2 Extended+ for serious work... Greetings and many thanks again John
  2. Hi everybody I started my journey through the vally of filament last week with a Prusa i3 MK2 kit. Honestly... the quality is great but it's a kit... I don't have time to change PEI foils because the nozzle got rammed into the bed during calibration, adjusting and re-tightening screws every 2 days and other ugly things etc... I want to have 3D prints as easy and reliable as it gets. So the question is: Is Ultimaker more the product I should go with? One thing that's worring me is printing time. If I load the same model into Cura and into Simplify3D and compare the printing times it seems t
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