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  1. Well... I don't even own an Ultimaker but already love one thing: The community. Thank you so much guys for the great help and your time... I'm really grateful and it does help me quite a lot. I guess I will keep the Prusa to fiddle around a little bit during cold winter nights and probably go for an UM2 Extended+ for serious work... Greetings and many thanks again John
  2. Hi everybody I started my journey through the vally of filament last week with a Prusa i3 MK2 kit. Honestly... the quality is great but it's a kit... I don't have time to change PEI foils because the nozzle got rammed into the bed during calibration, adjusting and re-tightening screws every 2 days and other ugly things etc... I want to have 3D prints as easy and reliable as it gets. So the question is: Is Ultimaker more the product I should go with? One thing that's worring me is printing time. If I load the same model into Cura and into Simplify3D and compare the printing times it seems to me the Prusa is much faster with the same quality settings. Another issue is printing with PVA... would be sooo cool but if printing time doubles and more it looses its attraction to me... Ah and one other question... if I go for an UM can I use my existing 1.75mm filament? To UM or not to UM that's the question Any recommendations from the pros here? Greetings John
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