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  1. I ran the Beta version before downloading the Stable version of 3.1 and have no problems opening or running either version. It is very slow to open and every change made in advance mode is followed by a painfully low pause; however, apart from this I have had no problem running it. It has a few issues with dual hotend printing with materials other than ABS. I still have a copy of 15.04.6, which I use if I need guarantied results. I am working to overcoming the temperature variation issues with 3.1 which prevent dual head printing with a combination of ABS and PETG. 15.04.6 does not have any t
  2. Is there some way to prevent Cura3.1, or any other Cura version, from stopping inside the print to switch extruders? I use a 2 into 1 hotend, which works really well for using PETG for the print and ABS for support; however, when Cura pauses to switch between extruders is pauses in the print which damages the print. The are other slicers which move the hotend away from the print surface to switch extruders, but I really like some of the features of Cura3.1.
  3. I have had no success with any Cura releases since 15.04.6, which in my experience is very reliable. I have been trying all types of adjustments to enable two filament printing with several releases since 15.04.6, but keep running into problems with the change over from one filament to another. After many, many hours of fiddling I have found the problem and it is easy to edit out. All 2 and 3 releases of Cura vary the print temperatures as the print is being done. This does not work with multiple head or two into one printing. It is; however, easy to edit the G-code to remove these variatio
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