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  1. I recently printed about 12 little shot glass sized parts in UM Clear nylon. All print settings were default with the exception of having the build plate adhesion turned off. Only one out of the 12 parts had stringing at one spot all the way up. It is of very little concern due to the use of the part, but i was curious about the cause. Anyone had this type of localized stringing on one of many parts printed at the same time? Any recommendations? The highlighted part on the build plate below is the one that had the stringing issue.
  2. we updated our firmware about 2 weeks ago things were better but still have to at least watch both nozzles go through prime sequences. It happens a lot less with new firmware and cura 2.5 beta but when it does happen it ruins the print.
  3. You don't have to imagine it catching the prime poop, watch the video above The problem is it goes from Z2 to Z0.27 before before it goes from Y6 to Y8 or so. Cura 2.5 helped but it still sits down and catches the prime pile with the fan shroud sometimes. It mainly does this on the nozzle 1 prime pile.
  4. It was definitely worked on, I just loaded 2.5 beta today. Now it comes down and squashes the prime prime pile with the carriage. Here is the unmodified GCODE around the prime extrude for nozzle 1 which in the case of this print was after the prime pile and brim was printed in PVA from Nozzle 2: (Please note I moved the Nozzle 1 prime location so that I could see it better on the camera) T0 G92 E0 M109 S245 M104 T1 S0 G0 F5000 X213 Y207 Z0.27 G0 X162 Y6 G0 F15000 X162 Y6 Z2 G280 G1 F1500 E-6.5 G0 F5000 X162 Y16 Z0.27 It is the last line shown above that moves the carriage in th
  5. So you are wanting to print something that is only PVA?
  6. We are having an issue of the nozzle moving back into the prime piles and picking them up and dragging them around. This has been happening with both nozzles sometimes on the PVA even when printing a single material part without PVA. I have had some luck modifying the GCode to move away from the prime pile then come back down close to the build plate to let any extra get attached to the build plate before moving on. However, if i miss any part of the gcode mod it picks up the prime pile or rolls it around while printing causing other issues or making it so we have to watch the print for the fi
  7. I noticed that if you have adjusted the bed height manually too high with the thumb screws the spring pressure isn't enough to give the right feed back(?) for auto-leveling. We had an issue where every print was giving the "Difference detected too great..." error until we lowered the plate significantly with the manual thumb screws and re-leveled the build plate.
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