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  1. It depends on what you consider flexible. Ultimaker has a flexible material called pp. It is not as flexible as other materials that i have printed.. However, It still is alot more fexible then PLA. I have printed succesfully with PP material using the default settings. I am hoping to print with another flexible material soon.
  2. Hello, I am trying to make a sign that is one color and the lettering is another color. I have been able to make two color prints with models from sites like thingyverse. I was wondering if there is anything special that i have to do in the model to make two color prints where there are two colors on the same layer. thanks,
  3. I have managed to break one of the fan blades. Where would i go to get replacement parts for the head like a new fan?
  4. I have a UM3 extended. I have been trying to print with UM Nylon and UM PVA and i have had issues of the nylon warping and not adhering to the print bed. I have also had multiple print stop or not print at all. I have had lots of success with PLA and PVA but no success with Nylon. Is it possible to print nylon with the .06mm profile? If so are there any setting that I need to change to have a better success?
  5. Hello, I am having trouble printing with support material which I pick the .06mm profile. after 30 minuets the material sticks to the print head and comes loose from the build plate. I am printing nylon and pva. I have switched the profile to .2mm and it seems to be printing just fine. What can i do so i can print at .06mm with support material.
  6. I just got the Ultimaker 3 I today and I have been setting it up. I was wondering what the best method to get a build to stick to the plate is. Can I just print right on the glass or do I need to use a glue stick or some painters tape? I will start using Pla but do different materials stick best to different beds? Thanks!
  7. The Ultimaker 3 has a dual extruder. Do i have to print using both extruders or can I print with only one. Thanks
  8. If I already have Filaments that are from a different company other then Ultimaker will those work with the Ultimaker 3 extended? Thanks,
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