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  1. Hi all, Got a new feeder on my UM2 ( https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alternative-um2-feeder ) but i need the feeder motor to run in reverse, can i just use the UM2+ firmware instead ? or is the UM2+ firmware designed to use the UM2+ white feeder. Or is there another way, like reversing the wires on the board, so stepper motor runs in reverse ? Any help greatly appreciated..
  2. Many thanks, i thought i'd read that 3.0.4 came with a firmware upgrade but i obviously got that all wrong lol, thanks again for clearing that up
  3. After owning a UM2 for about a year and upgrading the to newest firmware versions without any problems since using it, I've hit a brick wall when trying to get my UM2 to upgrade to the newest Cura 3.0.4 Cura connects to my UM2 without any problems, i go through the update firmware process and it says firmware update successful but when i check my UM2's firmware version, it still says 2.6.2 I've tried many many times but my UM2 refuses to upgrade to 3.0.4 Anyone else having this problem ?
  4. Tried updating my UM2 to the new cura 3.0.3 from 2.6.2 (win10) all seems to go well and it says firmware upgrade successful but my UM2 still shows 2.6.2 as current firmware :( tried numerous times but just won't update, so printer still on 2.6.2
  5. Hi guys, Having problems with the z axis linear bearings on my UM2, i purchased some off flea bay but their a POS :-( so i was wondering if anyone had used igus drylin bearings for their z axis ? I've had great success using them on prusa i3's in the past but wanted peoples opinion/experience of using them on a UM2 ? i've heard that misumi bearings are well recommended but can't seem to find any in the UK..any help greatly appreciated as i need to get my UM2 back up and running..
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