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  1. Update 1: I discovered that the shell/wall thickness of the model I import into Cura is 0.3 mm. And when I select Layer-view in Cura, the walls do not show up at all. Is 0.3 mm too little for Cura to detect? Or should I only import solid models in Cura?
  2. Hi, I'm getting quite frustrated after 3 days and keep blaming myself but I've run into a dead end after 8 reprints. The problem is that my prints keep getting out fully printed in PVA (Extruder 2), while I clearly indicate in Cura that is should use PLA (Extruder 1). In Cura it says: "Print Selected Model with Extruder 1", see screenshot 1 below. I'm using: - Cura 3.0.4. - UM3 latest stable version (the display says I have the latest update). - Windows 10 PC 1: In Cura I select my model and press Extruder 1. The object appears in the color of Extruder 1 2: This is how my filament
  3. Hi, thanks for pointing me to the right thread. Unfortunately, I cannot download and install the Intel Drivers. Upon executing I get an error that says "Please obtain drivers from the manufacturer of your system". I think it's not possible to install drivers from Intel on a Dell system directly. I think the only solution as this stage is to wait for Dell to release the Intel drivers, after having certified it themselves...
  4. You are correct. The laptop has an Intel HD 630 and a Quadro M1200. Both drivers are up to date. You said this was observed before, was there any resolution to this?
  5. Updated to the latest Nvidia Drivers (Quadro M1200). Here's another image. This is @ 100% as you recommend. Text is really extremely small, which is understandable. But still, the red circled area, buttons do not respond. I am stuck in this menu. The popup window can also not be scaled. I've tried using TAB through the menu, doesnt work.
  6. I'm sorry to correct you but, changing to 100% (which btw makes the text extremely unreadable on a 15 inch screen, which is why windows recommends 200%), does not fix the issue in Cura. See below: DPI set to 100%. Cura still has a settings screen where half of the buttons do not work and I cannot navigate the left panel.
  7. Hi all, I'm using Cura 2.6 and Cura 2.7 (BETA) on my Dell Precision 5520 and have a big issue with the software. These are the display settings in Windows (I think it has to do with the resolution): I cannot use the software. I cannot scale the popup windows so cannot reach a lot of buttons. Also, when I try to click a button, it almost never works. It highlights when I hover over the button but clicking it doesn't do anything. Is there a reason that Cura does not support the (growing) amount of 4k screens on CAD-modelling/designer systems? Is there any way to overcome this? EDIT: Tr
  8. Clear. Then in that case, I will file the issue on Github. For the Cura 2.5 installation I have, the AppData/Roaming/ and then Cura folder doesn't exist. Check: Unlike on Github, I found the .log in the 'local' subdirectory of AppData.
  9. Hi guys, Whenever I'm connecting over VPN from home to my office's network, start Cura and 'Connect', Cura immediately crashes. After the crash and I restart Cura, I can no longer connect to the printer and have to restart it (?) because Cura says "The printer has not yet responded" and [Connect] is greyed out. EDIT: Updated 2.4 to 2.5, same issue This is the fault report in Windows (W10): Faulting application name: Cura.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x57c463aa Faulting module name: PyQt5.QtNetwork.pyd, version:, time stamp: 0x57969262 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offs
  10. Great information, thanks everyone. We've discussed what you said with our IT service and they indicated it is no issue to set it up to the network. @SandervG, we will be used it for prototyping of small medical devices and surgical equipment.
  11. Hi all, I'm quite new to 3D printing but have my eyes set on the Ultimaker 3 as a possible model for installing here at the company. Now, there are several questions that I cannot find a clear answer on when I browse the full manual. One question about network functionality and one question on third party filament 1. The WiFi/Ethernet function is important to us to print remotely. Our company is at a large campus (High tech campus, Eindhoven to be precise) where the network infrastructure is entirely in control of campus management. Computers/notebooks can only connect over ethernet if they
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