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  1. It seems as if people are getting this error for different reasons. So, unless someone else had your same issue/problem it may be hard to get direct input on the situation. Maybe a warmer head temp? The implication of .4 working vs .25 is that it's not getting through a smaller opening as easily.... Just to cover your bases, make sure the materials can feed freely as well and aren't getting caught. I have seen that issue. I've actually had that happen on the material that wasn't giving me problems.
  2. I'm fairly certain that I found the issue in our case. As noted, I ran the last print through the PrintDry we have. I got a 30+ hour print complete with one unrelated issue. I couldn't get more than 3 or so before. The setup resulted in very little 'webbing' or whatever people call it. I have less than an 1/8" of that running up the side pointing directly at the material tower printed in the back right corner. That seems fairly normal to me. The issue i did have is the design of the print dry. When you set the material on the spool holder, it has line a 1/2" or more gap underneath. As the PVA is pulled into the printer, it unspools a bit. That unspooled are can and will go below your spool and get caught in the assembly under the spindle which will lock up your PVA and case the same error - which is this one single instance was because the material could not spool from being jammed. I fixed the jam and put the spool flat on the bottom of the dryer and it completed the last 20 hours or so without issue. To be clear, prior to using the printdry is when we got this error of a material being out. And it did occur multiple times inside the 3 hour mark, and it would happen repeatedly. I believe the PrintDry fixed that issue. Whether that is a solution for everyone, i can't say. But it does seem to be the answer in our case. And, FWIW, we have these throughout our building in the general office area and not in a controlled room/area.
  3. Someone here decided to purchase these for our printers. The drying aspect seems fine, however, there's an issue using the dryer while printing. The issue would be the PVA unspools a bit as it prints. It does this to an extent as well when you hook it up on the back of the printer as well. In the case of being on the back of the printer, gravity keeps in on the spool, it may hang low on the bottom a bit, but the top is never leaving the spool. In the PrintDry when it unspools it goes out in all directions (ie 360 degrees). The design then allows that unspooled material to go BELOW the spool where it will inevitably get caught up underneath where it will jam things up and get the 'one material seems to be out' error because it can't pull anymore from the stuck spool. Was wondering if anyone else had used these and seen this and what their solution was. I'm looking at 3 different things right now, but haven't gotten to test any at this point.
  4. I see this is tagged solved, but it doesn't seem as if there's a de facto solution anywhere in here. I'm seeing promising results using the PrintDry, however, that has it's own issues. I'd hardly consider it the catch all solution though. Provided it actually works.
  5. I put the PVA in a 'PrintDry' and am letting it sit in there knocking the humidity down to 40. Looking at the graph, temperature0 is a long solid orange line, with a bit of fluctuation at the end. Temperature1 is green and is jagged all over the place. There's a log of jaggyness on the BedTemperature line as well. The blue seems to get worse when the green is calm and vice versa.
  6. Would that still apply when the error doesn't kick in for 3ish hours after the print begins?
  7. Having the same problem here as well. New S5 set up in May. Our firmware is on the latest as well. Putting the PVA in a dryer overnight to see if it helps at all. I'm also wondering if it could be a bad spool of PVA as i've cut sections of it at recently as 30 minutes ago and there are areas with excess material on them. Short of unspooling the whole thing, not sure how to adequately address that as a potential issue.
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