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  1. I was using PVA for support PLA for the item. I don't remember exactly what I did to get a good print. It was never perfect for that one spot, but good enough. I took a lot of trial and error and tweaking the support settings. I loaded up the model into Blender and chopped it up to isolate the trouble spot and worked on that so I didn't have to print any more than necessary.
  2. Project of a project - like that never happens when 3D printing. How do I start a print at a particular layer? Edit the gcode? I've had models print fine with 60 degree overhang. Not sure this is going to be one of them. Too many weird protuberances.
  3. Using the settings suggested, there is a very small anomaly at layer 344. Changing the support density to 25% makes the problem worse. This screen shot is 60 degree overhang and 25% support density. The second shot is 60 degree overhang and 50% density. Both at layer 343. I am thinking of splitting the model into three pieces so I can use less support. But this section underneath the arm is a problem regardless.
  4. Curiouser and curiouser. So nobody else is seeing this weirdness? I'll try it XYZDesignPro's settings.
  5. I'm using layer height of .06. Print time is 36 hours. I've tried all the different support patterns and they all do this though in slightly different spots. At 0.15 layer height it doesn't do it. At 0.1 it does but not so badly that it won't join up with the other support after a few layers.
  6. Anxious? No. But no response after 10 days is usually a bad sign. I've done a number of test prints and this part of the model doesn't work properly. It literally prints in the air. I've tried changing the density and other parameters for the support and other problems happen. The fact that that part of all the tests failed is what made me look so closely at the slicing.
  7. Come folks. Did I not describe the problem clearly? Does anyone from Ultimaker haunt this place? Is there another slicer that supports a UM3?
  8. Hello? Anybody? Any thoughts on how to work around this? Or figure out what the problem is?
  9. Ah! That's where it's hiding! Thanks!
  10. What does this "Support Mesh" check box do? It shows up as a property under special modes but remains invisible in the configuration settings. And the "Anti Overhang Mesh" while we're at it.?
  11. Is this a bug? This is layer 343 in a print. You can see the start of a support line suspended in mid air. Here it is at layer 346. It's starting to grow towards the other support but it's still in the middle of the air It finally joins the other support structure at layer 367. Clearly this doesn't print. You get 24 layers of spaghetti then it *might* adhere to the remaining support and recover enough strength to actually support the remaining print. For background, this is the model I am trying to print. Obviously a good support structure is critica
  12. This does seem to be an overhang issue. I've set the cooling fans up to max. Perhaps setting the minimum layer time higher?
  13. Worth a try. I'll let you know how it goes.
  14. Oops. Forgot to include slicer and printer. UM3 with latest firmware update. Cura 3.2.1 PLA temp is set at 210. Fan speed is 75%/100% max. Print speed is 60m/s
  15. Early in this print this edge starts to curl up. I really have no idea where to start trouble shooting this. I've reduced the temp and print speed, increased fan speed because some thing I found suggested it was printing the layers too fast. Where do I even start? .06 layer height. PLA with PVA support material.
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