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  1. Hi @zaaf77, please check dmt-system in case you want to play with it... after new year there will be some additions to the code to control Ultimaker3D lights in response to connected temperature sensors (or otherwise). For v1.0 of the dmt-system project the sole focus is "dmt-player"... please try it if you like. Connection to the before-mentioned fasterix project: fasterix is actually built with dmt-system but is still very experimental and in the future. For the entire 2020 the focus will be "submarine part" as opposed to "hot-air balloons" 🙂 Read the description on dmt-system.co
  2. Hi @zaaf77 ! Sorry for a bit late reply. Making a lot of "parallel progress" but all I can share for now is a few links for you to click around and explore for bits of information. Maybe check out http://fasterix.com and various "subnodes" on this site. I've just done a little bit more explaning on my landing site https://davidkrmpotic.com as well. Cheers and until soon :)
  3. I'm trying to install HardCore Pro 7 with Ruby Everlast 0.6mm nozzle on my Ultimaker 3 , but the nozzle is not "centered", as shown here: the nozzle opening points sideways.... not sure in what other way I could have mounted the print core... so, is this expected or if not, what should be done? thank you
  4. I figured out how to access Ultimaker API with Node.js: https://medium.com/@davidhq/internet-of-beautiful-things-27a3f42035eb
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