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  1. I've received the GS power supply through my reseller Trideus located in Belgium. They in turn got it from the Ultimaker Company. I was Lucky they stil got one because this isn't an actual product spare part.
  2. I Have reported the issue to the Reseller (Trideus) who has sold me the Heated Bed Upgrade. I have received an exchange Power Supply from the type of GST- series, the problem was stil there. Ultimaker has asked for the Gcode file and were able to reproduce the issue. I then received an exchange of the type GS -series and indeed the problem is solved now with only one Power Supply connected. Thanks to everyone.
  3. Thanks for the info. I do have a GST, so that explains the whole thing. Bought this one in April 2016. Is there a possibility to get an exchange?
  4. Well, I think you were Right with the increase of the resistance of the Heated Bed at higher Temp. I connected the original Power Supply to the Mainboard and the HB Power Supply only to the HB. All Temps are now working:) However, since this is an original upgrade, installed following the manual, no other upgrades installed, should'nt the delivered Power Supply not be strong enough? 221W max 24VDC 9,2A Meanwell Mainboard 1.5.7 HB board v1.1
  5. The printer is an UMO as stated in the profile. I don't think there is a problem with the Power Supply because the Ulticontroller does not flickker or flashes before it happens. The Heated Bed is an Original Ultmaker Heated Bed upgrade from 2016. It only happens when the Temp is beneath 60° from the start or during the print when changing the Bed Temp after the first layer. Then when the Bed has cooled down to the Temp that is demanded, the printer shutts off and does a reboot. When the Temp is set to 60°, the printer prints for hours without an issue.
  6. When I make a print with the heated bed set at 60°C, everything runs fine. When I change the temp of the Heated Bed within Cura 3.x to another value like 50°, then the Printer starts, switches off and does a reboot during printing the first line of the Brim of het Object I'm printing. Starting a Print with initial temp of Heated Bed to 60°C and then after the first layer to 40°C then this occurs the moment he goes from 40 to 39, a few layers later.( Cooldown) I've thought maybe it is a Power Supply issue but when setting the Heated Bed to 60°C again everything prints fine. Can Somebody explain this behavior? I've never tried before another temp on the Heated Bed then 60°C. I'm now running the latest Cura 3.1 without FW upgrade because I Have the UMO.
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