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  1. Tha Thanks for the marking. As a normal user I can add the solved tag, but there are no further possibilieties to configure it or define it as prefix.
  2. I was not successful with the line width but finally "concentric infill" did the trick. How do I mark the topic as solved?
  3. Thanks for the advice. I will fiddle around and report back.
  4. I found a way with my old cura: I have to set the shell thickness to a non-multiple of the nozzle size. Unfortunately this doesn't work with the new Cura, which is a pity, because I want to use ironing - which isn't available in the old version
  5. I want to print a cylinder (well, actually it is a heart, but a cylinder shows the same issue) with transparent material. I have an Ultimaker2 with a 0.4mm nozzle and have Cura 3.2.1 and the older version Cura 15.04.6 installed The wall thickness of the model is 1.6 mm I would like to have 4 parallel layers in horizontal direction, i.e. 4 concentric circles. However, I get always some internal linear patterns which causes a twofold problem: First the cylinder looks uneven, the transparency is very different depending from what side I look. Second the material (HDGlass from FormFutura doesn't like retraction and moving the print head around the stringing is not the big problem, but the adhesion is sometimes bad after a move. Without retraction the look is sometimes very bad, because material is collected at the nozzle and deposited on the print at arbitrary positions. I have experimented with wall thickness, I have set it to 0.8 which I think should do the job, I have set it to 1.2 and 1.6. In a different approach I have set the Wall Line Count to 2 and 3, which both show the same layer preview as shown in the attached image. At a Wall Line Count of 4 the layer preview is empty. Until recently I have worked only with the old cura version, Cura 3.2.1 is pretty new for me. Any idea how to get 4 parallel wall lines?
  6. I removed the four screws which hold the Z axis' helix bearing on the printing plate. It makes acces and verifying the vertical movement very easy. To be able to access the last screws holding the circuit board remove the vertical cover in the left corner of the printing cabin. To unlock a sticky rod I created a "tool" made from a 10 mm nut in which I drilled a 12mm hole. I sawed it in two pieces and sanded the sawing edge: With the tool and a pair of pliers the rod can be grabbed tight and yet without damaging it.
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