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  1. Does moving the layer slider on the right hand side of the screen cause the preview to look normal again? If the issue happened because you no longer have the option to slice the file, then try going to the general preferences menu and enabling then disabling the autoslice option. That usually helps force it to let you slice manually again.
  2. Yeah, the visual indicator on the screen will probably show it as empty. But the machine won't actively try to swap it unless the end of material gets detected by the sensor.
  3. I believe the easiest option would be to pull a known good tag from an older spool of the same material. This would save a lot of the hassle from needing to respool anything. The tag is essentially used to help identify the material to ensure that whatever print you send over from Cura has the correct configuration. using the old NFC tag shouldn't cause any issues. While not related to this behavior, I'd also make sure that you are running 5.8.2 or newer, as it had a significant improvement on NFC registration in general.
  4. Awesome, thank you! I can say that this is definitely the first thing I look for with each Cura update.
  5. It may be a shot in the dark, but does setting "Support Stair Step Height" to 0mm look to help?
  6. @ahoeben You are my hero right now and this is amazing. Thank you.
  7. You may have some prints lined up in your Cura Connect print queue. To check this, navigate to the monitor tab in Cura and you should see an option to view your print jobs. Once the Cura Connect page opens, you should be able to click on the three dots on the print and abort/remove it from the queue. You can also do a full Cura Connect reset on the machine as well. This is found under System-->Maintenance. As a note, this will also remove your printer from its network group.
  8. Hi, Ben, The PVA material is only compatible with the BB core. It was designed in a way to improve the result when using this material. There should have been one included with your machine.
  9. I had the same issue on my end. Try deleting your Cura config folders from both your AppData/Local and AppData/Roaming directories. Ended up working for me. Note: Make sure you save any custom profiles you have before doing this.
  10. Your welcome! I'm glad to hear you were able to get it working. For future reference, your machine logs can be dumped to USB via System -> Maintenance -> Diagnostics -> Dump logs to USB. This page has details on where the Cura logs will be located on your computer: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura#logging-issues Have a great weekend!
  11. Sometimes the issue is due to mismatched settings between Cura and your machine. Try deleting your machine profile and adding it back in. This will be under Settings-->Printer-->Manage Printers. Once that is done you should be able to connect your machine again to confirm if the live stream is no available. If that doesn't work, try doing a Cura Connect Reset in the printer menu and/or hook it up via LAN to see if that changes anything.
  12. Have you recently updated your firmware? It looks like one user found that updating to 4.3 resolved their connection issues with the app.
  13. Hi Zephir, The printer will throw an error if nothing is plugged into either TEMP1 or TEMP3. If the error changes from "temp sensor" to "bed sensor" after switching the cables, then your temp sensor will need to be replaced. If you have a multimeter on hand, you can check the resistance of your temp sensor. It should read about 110Ω at room temperature.
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