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    Mine is 684 MB... 12% CPU consumption. That's heavy but still seems normal


    I wonder why I would be running almost half your usage. Did you have anything loaded? Extra Plugins?


    I have a model loaded with layer view active, and LAN printer connection. That may be the reason...

    but I don't find it abnormal, today we have dual core / 16 GB memory rigs, so no pb...

  2. Hello again,

    Another small issue that I have faced since the latest beta 2 I think. The connection between the printer and Cura is not always consistent. If I leave the printer being monitored in Cura, after a while the temperatures and time are sort of "frozen", and I cannot submit a new job to the printer. Restarting Cura solves the issue so no big deal.

    I also can see that from time to time, I need to authorize cura again to connect to the printer. That smells like some network confirmation change (due to the DHCP maybe ??). As a reminder, I'm using my UM3 wired (not wifi).

    No big kind of issue, just that for repeated prints this can be a little bit annoying :)


  3. Hello,

    Another little item that I noticed in 2.5 beta : the layer view for black PLA gives a continuous black view (we can't see the layers at all because it is all black...). This doesn't occur for other materials such as nylon which show a dark grey.

    A little screenshot to illustrate (both black nylon and black PLA are loaded here)


    This is not preventing any print, but is an issue to have a closer view on the layers for multiple colour prints. So if you could improve this for the release that would be good :)


  4. Hi again,

    Thanks for the replies. Yes I'm printing over the network, however my printer is wired, not using wifi... and I also went to BETA 2 this week and still have the issues.

    However I have Cura 2.4 and 2.5 BETA2 installed on the same machine. Could this explain why I still have the issue ?

  5. Hello,

    Another weird thing I spotted with 2.5 is about dual color/material extrusion (no PVA). from time to time with a 2.5 originated print, the printcore switch sequence seems to be "missing" and I had a couple of layers where the wrong core is active, and pouring material just next to the intended area (because the sequence is running as if the other core was extruding). It happens for one layer, then the next material/layer prints normallly (in fact the printer doesn't attempt to switch back to the right core and just goes for the next material/layer, which is then printed consistently).

    An important note : I saw that occur twice, and each time, a brief, high pitch sound was emitted just before it happened.

    I tested the same print with Cura 2.4 and I didn't notice any switch missing issue (I didn't attend the whole print, but I didn't see any spaghetti around the print indicating that the wrong core was operating at some time).

    Do you have any idea what it might be ? I can provide gcode files if you're interested.

    Thanks :)

  6. I can't review your files here, but have you checked the layer view? Does support continue in the layer view, where your printer stops printing it?

    Yes of course, the layer view is correct and continues. I'd say that the flow doesn't seem to stop abruptly, there are PVA shards over the last "good" layer. But still it really seems to happen at the same height for every print...

  7. Hello,

    I've been facing an issue on my UM3 with dual extrusion print with PLA support which is related IMHO to Cura 2.5, so I'm posting it here (if this is not the right place, then sorry and I'll go for a separate topic).

    I've been using Cura 2.4 successfully with the UM3, then I switched to Cura 2.5 last week for testing purposes. I ended up using it daily because I love the new features... After a set of single extrusion samples which went fine, I tried a dual extrusion print with PLA/PVA

    Now the issue : the print starts normally, but after around 10 to 15 layers, the PVA flow seems to stop and the printer prints "into air". the PLA continues to print, and naturally, it is pointless to continue the printing, since the material will not hold in air (it is a baby groot head 3d model :))

    I initially thought it was a PVA material issue, and I read what I could about nozzle clog, and moisture issues with PVA (but my spool is 2 weeks old only). I tried several cold pulls, XY calibration (which was needed btw) and cutting about 30 cm of PVA, to start with some "fresh" one.

    But no improvements at all... after 5 failed attempts, I noticed that the PVA flow is always stopping at the same height... my interpretation of the issue is that at one point, the feeder seems to retract the PVA material way too much, so that it doesn't flow anymore (I have seen the same issue when trying to "pause" the print, and resuming it, but that's another story).

    So to be sure, I launched my print again from Cura 2.4, with the same settings (the PVA structure generated is a little bit different in 2.4 and 2.5 btw, but similar in the "failing" part). And my printing is going well beyond the point where it fails with a 2.5 gcode file. "So far so good" I'd say...

    Do you have an idea of what is going on ? I attached a picture with a previously "failed" print where you can see PLA above the PVA level, and the current printing, which seems to be just fine. I also attached the gcode generated by 2.4 and 2.5, so that you could compare if needed.


    2.4 gcode : http://3dprint.elphe.com/images/UM3J_Head_2.4.gcode

    2.5 gcode : http://3dprint.elphe.com/images/UM3J_Head_2.5.gcode

    I haven't attempted to let the printing run longer to see if the flow resumes (I want my print first sorry...). I can give it a try once my printing is successfully done :)

    Thanks for your feedback :)

  8. Hello,

    I'm also playing with version 2.5. I have had an issue that is reported in this topic :


    SandervG suggested this may be addressed in 2.5. Could you tell more about this ? I still need to remove the "priming" blob of PVA when the print starts, or it sticks to the nozzle (because it doesn't go high enough) and then is carried out to the print area :(

    Many thanks :)

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