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  1. This also happened to our Ultimaker 3 within a few months of getting it - it was so bad that we had to completely replace the machine. The first time, one of the screws on the base of the glass plate had also popped completely off (it looks from your pictures that the screw on the left is also close to coming off - this may make it appear as though the Z axis hasn't moved when in fact the glass plate is just pushed up) gr5 is right, it was an issue with the part coming loose from the bed, then being left to print. I always use glue with our UM3 and make sure that large prints are s
  2. So I took the third head fan out, and lo and behold out fell a rogue machine screw that had presumably been stopping the fan from turning properly. Got a test print running now so my fingers are crossed that that was the issue. Thank you! Hopefully I won't have to get a new coupler after all. [Edited just to say that my printer is now printing perfectly again :)]
  3. I have an Ultimaker 2+ that has been causing me a few issues recently. At first I thought the tension on the feeder was too tight as the filament was just getting ground up at the back - however, every time I pulled the ground up filament out, the nozzle end of the filament had a plug about an inch up, disc shaped and usually split. I'm thinking that this is an issue with the coupler, but just wanted folk's thoughts before I disassemble the hotend or get a new one. What do you think? Image attached. Otherwise the printer prints perfectly for the first half hour or so,
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