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  1. Hi all, I have to print a part with TPU in two colours, white and blue, and I would like to use PVA for support estructures; is it possible to set up a stop then change the material (insert TPU blue instead of PVA) and the hot end (AA for BB, I need the two colors in the same layer), and continue printing the rest of the part? soluble support only share layers with white TPU. I think this is not possible directly in cura but I suppose I can add some code lines in order to do so? Thank you guys!
  2. Im using nylon and PVA materials from UM. My machine is a UM·. Im experiencing under extrusion in nylon parts higher than 15mm and in PLA parts higher than 140mm.
  3. Hi, first i would like to say hello to the community as it is my first post. I was trying to print some large parts using UM Nylon filament black and I wasnt able to get the perfect combination of parameters and also all my tries was wrong. My first tries was using the cura profile and with small parts I obrtained good results but when the height of the part exceed about 15 mm I started to get underextrusion and finally total oclusion of the extruder. Then I made some test changing these parameters: bed temperature 70 º (from 60 º that cura profile indicate) extrusion temperature 250 (from 245) with these parameters I had serious troubles with bed adhesion and i watsed a lot of material. Also with these parameters i also had underextrusion and total oclusion in the end. Then i tried to add some dimafix spray and the adhesion get worse, maybe the glue works better with nylon? but I run out of it. Then I changed the settings again: bed temperature 70 extrusion temperature 260 cooling fan speed 0 )from 40%) with these parameters i have a good extrusion even in large parts but also troubles with bed adhesion. To solve the bed adhesion I try to use PVA as raft and it works well. now i have other problem, i need to build a large part with support structures and I need to use PVA in the interfaces between support and part because of the complex geometry but i cant get a good adhesion between Nylon and PVA and i end up having awful results (between PVA and Nylñon it works well). Does anyone try to use nylon in combination with PVA? does anyone have accurate values to print with nylon UM? Thanks!
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