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  1. Si lo so che posso usare cpe...ma chepp.. Qualcuno mi sa dare indicazioni su dove trovare i files dei profili, ed eventualmente ha qualche suggerimento per la modifica?
  2. With the last firmware update the encoder switch is back to life! It was not an hw problem as supposed.
  3. Ciao a tutti, ho installato il profilo 'Generic PETG' dal Market, ma non riesco a vederlo in cura. Qualcuno ha idea di cosa potrebbe essere? Grazie mille
  4. Hi, on a fresh Cura 4.3 install, on an Intel PC with an embedded Intel GPU, I can't see the preview anymore. The only things I see are the edges of my object. Other pc with nvidia or amd GPU didn't show this issue. Any advice?
  5. Hi, i've damaged the pushbutton on the UM3 lcd, so i use a mouse. The mouse works, but it stops to works randomly, even if i replug it. Some advices?
  6. I'm using ultimaker profile for my PLA, just to have the 'real' colors on the screen. When i send the print to the UM3 a popup on it's lcd tells me that's not the right profile. In Cura 2.6 there is a button 'override' but it does nothing.
  7. Many thanks Carlo. I've checked the encoder switch with the multimeter 'cause i was intended to replace it and it's ok. The mouse works well for the most if i don't start a print. Printing leads to loses of the mouse functions, while the encoder still control the menu items, except for the 'ok' signal. I still haven't try to dowgrade the firmware... Any advice?
  8. UM3 with the latest firmware auto downloaded. If i start an 'update firmware' the printer says she's updated... It's the latest available on the UM website. I can't check now because of the failure of both mouse and encoder switch.
  9. Hi folks, Is there a way to downgrade the current firmware? I have a lot of issue since the last Cura and firmware upgrades so i want to get back. The major issue is a random problem of underextrusion with both of the extruders that makes all of my prints fails. I've checked the drive system, cleaned the hotend, install a brand new extruder but ... nothing The second annoing thing is that the switch on the front panel isn't working anymore; even with a mouse the 'ok' function sometimes fails. If the switch is broken it is a very strange coincidence that it's died
  10. I can't view anything but the name of the printer and the extruders materials in the 'Monitor' tab. I can't see the 'stop' and 'pause' buttons (stop button never worked) Is there another way to stop a print? The printer is printing but for Cura there are no jobs running...same thing for the web monitor.
  11. I think this data are very usefull, even for safety reason. Do i have to touch my extruder to check if it's hot?
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