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  1. Hello, I am trying to decide between UMO+ and UM2+. I have little bit of technical background and I have aim to print different mechanical parts with the 3d Printer. On paper both printers have same specs in terms of resolution and accuracy and UMO+ is substantially lower cost than UM2+. I understand that UMO+ is DIY 3d printer. I am wondering how much skill and time to required to get the assembly of UMO+ to UM2+ level of reliability, accuracy and resolution? Would it require constant adjustments for UMO+ to perform at the level of UM2+? I am little bit worried, as UMO+ is self assembled and I am wondering, if my assembly would match the factory level accuracy with relatively easy effort. Also are there any disadvantages of UM2+ over UMO+ other than the price? Can somebody please advise?
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