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  1. Thanks for the info! I'm almost convinced the shifting has to do with retractions. Almost... I've gone ahead and re-tuned the machine for straightness, tightened the belts, and lubricated everything. We'll see if that has any effect on things.
  2. It's quite possible it is a defect in the code. I haven't investigated this, and I'm not even sure how to do that. I have taken a look at the layers view in Cura, and did not see anything abnormal, but I don't know what I should be looking for. As far as the warping, I do seem to have a problem there. I noticed this, but it was too late to abort the print. I do use the glue stick method, but it isn't as consitent as I'd like. I will try your salt water method, and see if that works better. Would be much easier to clean, as well.
  3. So, I think this might be caused by retractions. Whenever there are holes in my models, the printer will retract at certain locations, and whenever the printer retracts the filament, depending on how much is retracted, and how long it has been between the retract and the next print spot, different amounts of filament may be extruded in certain spots afterwards. I'm not certain this is the cause, but I'm leaning towards this, as prints without retractions (ie, a box or plain circle) are printing without issues. It's only when retractions are introduced that I'm seeing these inconsistencies.
  4. Hey guys, take a look at this photo. As you can see, the layers on the left (red square) and the layers on the right (red circle) aren't consistent. The layers on the right seem to have shifted in the Y-axis, but only in a certain spot on the print. The layers on the left are unaffected. I'm not exactly sure how to fix this. What's even worse is that I printed a wing from the ultimaker airplane model, and it had zero shifting like this. I've also noticed this happening on a much smaller level, and only near holes. Even weirder is that on the backside of the model (where the shifts are ha
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