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  1. Torgeir, Replacing the coupler fixed the problem! Thank you so much for the guidance! womacki
  2. I am looking to buy a spare extruder/feeder motor for my Ultimaker 2, but am having trouble finding the product in stock anywhere in or that ships to the US. Does anyone know where I can obtain one? Is there a substitute motor that will work? Please note that I am unfamiliar with specifics pertaining to these motors. Links would be highly appreciated. Thanks! -womacki
  3. Torgeir, Thank you for the reply. I've found the third fan - it begins running as soon as I turn my printer on and appear to run continuously. I am printing with 2.85 mm PLA that is a couple of years old (although some of my reels had not been opened before). Each reel seems to print best with a slightly different temperature. I'm currently working with Ultimate blue at 217 degrees and my prints are coming out nicely. I've checked that the machine knows the correct diameter size. My machine skips around as frequently as seen in the video while printing brim. On the remainder of the print, it skips every minute or so (and more frequently when laying down longer lines). I will order some couplers and see about replacing it. Any other thoughts would be highly appreciated. Thanks so much! womacki
  4. Torgeir, Thank you for the information! The machine states that it has been "on for 2741:32 printings 1440:23." I cleaned the nozzle using the method you recommended. Things went well, apart from meeting high resistance when pulling the inserted filament back out after letting it cool to 90 degrees. Perhaps this resistance is due to a faulty coupler? The fans run accept when printing brim... maybe this explains why the skipping occurs most regularly while printing brim? Thank you again for all of your help! womacki
  5. Torgeir, Thank you for the reply! I highly appreciate your help... I checked my Current E - it was set to 1250 mA. I bumped it up to 1300 mA and believe the skipping frequency has reduced a bit, but is not eliminated. Would setting this higher be beneficial? I do not know how many hours the machine has as I am not the original owner. The previous owner used it extensively. Thank you for your time and help. It is comforting to know that should the skipping persist, it is not damaging the motor. Sincerely, womacki
  6. My filament motor often makes this skipping noise intermittently, especially when printing brim. Is it normal?
  7. When printing with my ultimaker 2, the motor that feeds the filaments sound like it is intermittently skipping. The skipping noise mostly occurs when printing the brim or when printing long streaks of material. My prints have been coming out nicely, but I'm worried about potentially burning out the motor. I've tried lowering the build plate as well as raising/lower the nozzle's temperature, but have not seen a reduction in the frequency of this noise. Is this noise normal? A video below shows the motor play the noise twice while printing a brim. Thank you for the help!
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