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  1. Using Ultimaker PVA. My colleague suggested using a pin to try and clear it out but I wondered if there were something I should try first or something I'm missing with the Hot Pull technique? Thanks Dan
  2. I suspect I have a clogged BB Print Core on my Ultimaker 3 and I can't seem to get the Hot Pull cleaning method working no matter how much pressure I try or how long I leave it to heat up. There is no extrusion of material and the print core won't load material. Any advice?
  3. Thank you! That's worked a treat, knew it would be something simple. Dan
  4. I'm using 2017 Inventor to create models (20-30mm scale) and when I export as STI files and place in to the Cura environment, they're tiny, 1-2 mm. Never had this problem with 2016? I have been scaling the models up but I really need to fix this problem. Any suggestions?
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