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  1. peterbrown77

    Oy vey, baby....

    Thanks for the replies - Regarding enclosing the printer, I've tried it on a Sindoh DP200 which is fully enclosed anyway...right now I'm running another one on an open Makerbot M2 but it has another 20 hours to go and it hasn't reached that area yet, so I don't know what the result will be. I made the first few prototypes with PLA but this is a functional prototype (it's a nail gun in most respects) and I need the strength of ABS to withstand test firing. What I'm trying now is a 12mm column that anchors the curling area to the platter and I will saw it off after it's finished - I just don't think the raft secures it enough. When it's done I'll post the result.
  2. peterbrown77

    Oy vey, baby....

    Hola - I've done (3) 20 hour prints of this part with no success. As you can see in the photo, it's a handgrip and it's bending at the end. It should be straight and flat and I have a raft support under the entire part. In the photo, you can see that I even tried adding a square column under the end of the part that stopped about 1mm away so that the raft would have something to anchor it better... It didn't help. It keeps turning up in a curl. The material is ABS, I'm running 250C on the hot end and 110C on the platter, printing at 60mm on a Sindoh DP200. Any ideas? TIA https://goo.gl/photos/yAZAMdpY4oHse7jJA
  3. peterbrown77

    How to get a completely filled bottom with TPU part

    Yes, it does. I think it was a flow problem. I cranked the bed up to 95C from 60C and it helped.
  4. peterbrown77

    Cura 2.4 and One-At-A-Time - RESOLVED

    My one at a time issue was due to the fact that my print head size was incorrect in the printer definition - it was 1.7 x 240 mm. Making it 1.7 x 1.7 allowed it to slice one at a time successfully. Thanks to the developers.
  5. peterbrown77

    Beta testing Cura 2.5 | Closed.

    Hi Peggy - It's not specific to my printer, it's Cura. Set your layer height to 0.07mm with 100% infill and a distance equal to your orifice and you will see what I mean. I uploaded my project, you can try yourself. Those settings are not manufacturer-dependent.
  6. peterbrown77

    Beta testing Cura 2.5 | Closed.

    Hi Peggy - Yes I did open the file you sent, but it was all-at-once and I need one at a time. I'm using a MakerBot M2, the latest version. I am not using any Support or Adhesion, so Brim is not an issue. I tested more and found that the problem is regarding One-At-A-Time vs All-At-Once. Cura can slice All-At-Once but not One-At-A-Time, depending upon the accuracy/resolution. I can slice 25 parts if all at once.... but why can't it do it one at a time? Seems to be a bug to me.
  7. peterbrown77

    Cura 2.4 and One-At-A-Time - RESOLVED

    I find that if I have more than 3 parts, Cura 2.3/2.4/2.5 won't even slice them at "one at time". It says none of them are in the volume, which is untrue. It can do more than 3 if I increase the layer height (reduce the number of slices) and generally make the part lower quality but even then, there is an upper limit to how many Cura can slice. This should be pretty easy for the software to handle.
  8. peterbrown77

    Beta testing Cura 2.5 | Closed.

    How do I share a project file? Google Drive? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5J2gg__lVTNcVhpV3JIaFA5dmc This project will not slice if set to "one at a time".... it should be a piece of cake. No version of Cura that I tried (15, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5) could successfully do it.
  9. peterbrown77

    Beta testing Cura 2.5 | Closed.

    Sure - I've done some more testing and it is related mainly to "one at a time" vs "all at once"... it sure doesn't like "one at a time" with fine settings.
  10. peterbrown77

    Cura 2.4 / 2.5 Can't Slice More Than 3 Parts

    More info - I find if I set it from "one at a time" to "all at once" it will do a dozen but quality is definitely a factor in how it behaves. Make it too fine and it won't slice.
  11. I am trying to make a batch of identical parts. They're very simple washers. Any more than 3 of them and it says "Unable to Slice because none of the models are in the volume" ... which is patently untrue. Any ideas? TIA
  12. peterbrown77

    Beta testing Cura 2.5 | Closed.

    I cannot get 2.5 to slice more than 3 of a very simple part... it says 'unable to slice' because the models are not within the volume ---- which is untrue.
  13. peterbrown77

    Cura 2.4 and One-At-A-Time - RESOLVED

    So the #2 failed. It did look like the nozzle was high though I think it layed the bottom layer correctly.... Since 2.4 is problematic, is there a stable release of Cura that you trust?
  14. I'm not getting a completely filled bottom layer on this part. Is my bed too cool? Do I need a different pattern? The top looks fine.... The particulars are: 0.35mm nozzle 0.25 bottom line width 100% fill 235 deg nozzle 60 deg bed [/url][/img]
  15. peterbrown77

    Cura 2.4 and One-At-A-Time - RESOLVED

    \I'm going to find out lol. I just set 2 parts to print, the first one went beautifully (I'm using TPU, and it's brutal). It just started #2 and it looks okay so far. One problem though was that when it finished #1 it dwelled there for a good 30 seconds before going to start #2. As a consequence I have a blob of TPU on the part. Any ideas how to get it to lift to retract height when it's done? TIA

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