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  1. Hola - I'm trying to print a part that uses pretty much the entire buildplate on my M2, plus or minus a couple of mm. The M2's origin as the lower left of the buildplate and the work volume is 200 x 250 x 200. When it prints, it tries to print off the front of the buildplate and it stops at about 45mm from the back of the buildplate. I can manually move the nozzle over the entire build plate. ? TIA
  2. I opened a previous version's Cura file and got the data from the settings
  3. Thanks for the reply - I'm in CT. I found some 70D on Amazon, let's hope it's not a typo hahaha. Regards
  4. Hi - Made some parts out of Hatchbox TPU, Shore 95A. They could be a little harder but I'm having trouble locating Shore 100 TPU - does anyone know a source? TIA Peter
  5. Cura 2.4.0... Under 'Manage Materials' I want to bring in the settings for TPU for my Makerbot M2. I select Import and browse to the loadpoint/resources/materials folder and select "generic_tpu.xml.fdm_material" and Open. The Import Material dialog opens and says "Successfully imported material file......." However, it does not appear in the list of Generic or Ultimaker materials. ?? TIA
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