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  1. Hi, I work at a university as a researcher. We recently purchased an ultimaker 3. I just installed it and upgraded it to the last firmware. After fighting a bit, I can now access it remotely (with a browser or with Cura). However, when I connect to it (whatever the way), there is not a single time where I have to authenticate myself. No password is required to access the printer. I would like to restrict the access to this printer with a password. It's on the university network and anyone knowing the IP of this printer could access it, and maybe break it. Is there any way to set up a password ? Cheers
  2. Hi, I followed the tutorial here: https://wiki.e3d-online.com/wiki/E3D-v6_on_Ultimaker_2 And installed a E3D extruder on my UM2. It's also in a direct extrusion configuration (mounted directly on the printhead). I modified the firmware as instructed, nothing fancy, from the official Marlin firmware: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2Marlin I didn't do anything exotic. Everything works perfectly, I can print normaly, change material, etc, but I have one concern: During the reversing of material (when I want to change material), the extruder reverses a certain amount of filament fast (it lasts for ~3 seconds), then slows down (~3 seconds), then reverses fast again (~3 seconds), and so on. The sequence is repeated a few times. It wasn't like that before I flashed the new firmware (but the firmware of my UM2 was never updated before, it's quite old). Is it normal ?
  3. Sorry for the delay, I never received notifcations for this thread. So yes, after a lot of testing, I have to account for the height of the raft. In my case, an offset of 1 mm on the height value for the pause solved the issue. The double pause works as well, no problem in this direction. But I'm going to open another post about the pauseAtHeight plugin, because when I choose to redo some layers, the layers are redone before the pause...
  4. Hi, This is my first post on this forum, but I've been 3D printing for a while. I use Cura 2.4, installed from the Arch Linux's community repository. I'm trying to insert a pause in one of the pieces I have designed with OpenScad. As I designed it, I know exactly where the pause should be (at height 20 mm). However, when printing, the pause is a few millimetres below the intended height, and I don't understand why. Is it because I use rafts ? So, when I set the pause with the pauseAtHeight plugin, should I account for the height of the raft ?
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