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  1. I print at work daily using Filaprint ABS-X, with 3D Lac adhesion spray on the glass. I use both an UM2+ and UM3, just standard cura settings. The prints come out great every time. We dont have an issue with adhesion to the bed or layers. Also the printer isnt covered, nor does it have a door. We have to use ABS as we are bonding printed parts to existing ABS molded parts. So if you need to use ABS i would highly recommend it.
  2. I have had success drilling and tapping PLA, but only very carefully and by hand. if you go too fast the thread will melt and strip. (both whilst thread cutting and screwing in a bolt.) it will also obviously not hold as well, and will strip easier than prehaps expected. At the moment i usually use a soldering iron on a brass insert, and melt the insert into a hole in the printed part. this is very successful. I have also put some on a lathe; using carbide metal cutting tools. Again only with PLA, and was pleased with the results. I did run coolant, and it was similar t
  3. I have needed to contact them before and come up with the same problem as you- cant seem to find an email address. However it is there, found it by chance! if you highlight thier black 'border' on the website, you will see thier email address highlighted. They have literally used black text with a black background! sales@3dsolex.com
  4. Is that carbon fibre PLA? It kind of looks like that in the picture. If so, then some small stringing isnt unusual, due to the carbon fibres. have you tried reducing the nozzle temperature?
  5. You can get extra large reels of 3kg from some companies if that helps? I'm sure i'v seen them for sale on 3Dfilaprint. ( dont know if they would ship to Denmark tho.)
  6. It was originally called a DIY upgrade, and you replaced parts yourself.. i think GR5 store used to stock them?
  7. I have an UM3 that is over a year old, and has been happily printing. However one printcore (AA) has a max temp sensor error message when loading into he printer, so cant be used. I remember when the hardcore solex printcores came out, they offered upgrades of original AA cores, instead of a brand new core. Does anyone still do this? and would it fix my printcore problem?
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