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  1. Hello, I just finished putting together my DIY U.Original+ and adding the machine through Firmware in Cura but doesn't allow me to check my endstops. The window shows like this Anyidea why? I've added this printer before and I could do the endstops checkup Thanks a lot
  2. Hello ! I know these must be boring issues for the community but couldn't find a thread specific to my problem. I built my DIY O+ and working with Cura 15.04.6 because my computer can't follow on the next Cura Generation. So I'm running the configuration Wizard all good until the test print of the square that automatically stops after 2 lines of the square is completed. Now when I try yo print all seems ok but Z axis doesnt move. The bed doesnt lower itself. Can I be guided please? Thanks so much Mathis
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