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  1. Moving issues while printing

    Hi, after my holidays I checked it. The head can easily be moved - just the resistance of the stepper motors. I blew in the SD-slot and no change at all. Any other suggestions?
  2. Moving issues while printing

    I never heard Tinkergnome, so I think it is the official one. It shows me V_2.4
  3. Moving issues while printing

    Hey, UM2 and SD Card printing.
  4. Hey guys, I am facing an absolutely crazy problem. If I start a print all goes well, until he starts with the first layer. After some cm of printing, the printhead stops moving and after some time (~1min) it moves ahead. This process is repeating itself all ~5 cm of printhead movement. During this stopping time, filament is coming out and ruining the print. For me it looks like something is lagging. The printer itself still reacts normally to the button. Following attempts were made to find a solution: - sliced a different model in CURA 2.5 - updated firmware with CURA 2.5 and now I am out of ideas. Hope you can help me. Regards, Klaus
  5. Farbe Ultimaker 2 Rahmen

    Hi Dankeschön
  6. Ultimaker 2 frame color

    Thank you
  7. Ultimaker 2 frame color

    Hello guys, for a project I need to know the color of the aluminium dibond frame. Is it natural aluminium or coated with white paint? RAL? Greetings Klaus
  8. Farbe Ultimaker 2 Rahmen

    Hallo Leute, ich bin gerade dabei mir einen Ultimaker 2 zu basteln. Nun möchte ich ihn 1:1 haben und bin auf der Suche nach dem richtigen Farbton für den Alu-Dibond Rahmen. Ist das Alu natur, oder Weiß? Vielleicht kennt jemand sogar den RAL Farbton? Gruß Klaus

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