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  1. thanks very much, I'll try that.
  2. I wish to very seriously and sincerely complain about the power plug for the Ultimaker Extended 2 +, it's some how so short that it doesn't securely slot into its socket? For so many times the machine stops in the middle of a print because the power cord falls out simply due to the vibration of the printing process itself.:angry: Otherwise, its a great machine.
  3. thank you, I understand the situation now.
  4. Hi, We have been trying to challenge the best resolution with Polycarbonate. So far, using the 0.4mm nozzle and increasing the resolution through changing the layer height to 0.08 has been successful, however, it shouldn't be the best the machine can do. It seems like Cura allows for the use of 0.25mm nozzle, however, our experience has been that the material gets stuck in the tip soon after just a few seconds of extrusion. We have cleaned the tip with acetone in order to unblock the tip, however, it gets blocked again right away. Is there possible adjustments we can do in the setting (ie.
  5. Hi, We hope someone here can provide some advice about the movement in the printing process. Without adjusting anything, we have noticed that with every print, the head would start in one speed for maybe 5mm of height, then decide to slow down for another 5mm, then change to the faster speed again, and will alternate between the two speeds until it finishes. We have guessed that it might have something to do with Print Acceleration and Jerk settings, however, after adjusting those setting in Cura, there has been no noticeable difference. If someone here would have some insight, we would ap
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