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  1. Hi gr5, Thanks for the reply. The design will need to withstand some heat, so that is why I chose ABS. The current fan speed setting is at default (regular 20%, maximum 100%), the print speed 45 mm/s, travel speed 120 mm/s, retraction enable.
  2. Hi everyone, I am pretty new to the 3D printing, and recently I used the Ultimaker2+ with ABS to print some of designs for my college project. I need some help from guys. The geometry of the design is pretty simple, mostly rectangular shapes with no overhang. But I am consistently getting corrugated edges as shown in the images attached. I am also getting small dents and granule-like bumps on a completely flat surface, which I could not get it shown clearly in the photos. The intended shape: The print I got: I am using Cura 2.4.0. The firmware version is 2.4. The default high quality profile was chosen. The nozzle size is 0.4mm and material is ABS bought from ultimaker official site. Any idea what is wrong and how I could improve the print quality? Thank you guys in advance!
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