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  1. This thread is helpful to me, I've just inherited a hardcore throwing a problem. I'd like to be able to measure and plot the temperatures and signals as you experts on this thread have. How does one do that? I do have a scope, but is this a matter of reading results from the motherboard, the core itself, or ? Thanks John
  2. It was a good learning experience, once I found the thread. Had a moment of looking for a micro SD card, but then, pretty much worked as advertised. I may go ahead and look for the patch cable that the other thread mentions, just in case I am not so luck next time.
  3. Found the excellent thread on how to recover a bricked UM3. Back in business. Unsure what tripped this thing up, I hadn't touched anything in a while, but better now. Great forum, this! John
  4. +1, back in business after following this thread. Merci!! John
  5. Good afternoon everyone. I am pretty sure I read something about this here, but at the moment cannot for the life of me find it. Today for the first time, I switched on my printer, the startup appears normal until I get to the 'Ultimaker' displaying on the screen, and then nothing further. It has been quite a while with no changes. I have not intentionally asked for a firmware update, so am at a loss. Suggestions welcome. John
  6. That is a first for me as well. Just as a hypothesis - I can see a couple of scenarios here that might have the potential to trigger an unexpected print. I have two different computers (laptop and desktop) that I use Cura on, both on the same network as my UM3's. I have accidentally suspended operations on the laptop by closing the lid too early, only to have them resume when it opened. If there was an upload suspended at an opportune time, maybe it would resume? I have also had uploads that hung up during a session on the desktop, only to try and complete
  7. I would love to hear the rumour about a drop in core, bowden and feeder mod to handle continuous fibre. The print core concept can do so much more. John
  8. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll try the tag search. John
  9. I was looking for a thread on a UMO from some time back and realised, this topic covers all types, so is starting to look a lot like my sock drawer ;-). The family is now large, with variants of the UMO/UMO+, UM2/UM2+, UM2Go, UM3, S5 and now S3. Some subjects pertain to all types, while others (like material or air manage or print core issues) would not. Would it make sense to subdivide in some way? John
  10. Thanks! I did consider coating but have experience with coatings flaking off as they degrade. The molding route would work, but I'm not set up to do that. My fall back option will be to extend the cloth far enough that no part of the lid can shed into the jar's interior. I'll just have to back off the threads enough to make room for the cloth. Thanks again! John
  11. I'm considering 3d printing some lids for jars. The lids don't have to be airtight or watertight, will really just hold cloth in suspension to keep dust out of a solution that needs air but not dust exposure for a period of time. My issue is with the 3dprinted part itself. I have seen some filaments deteriorate over time and leave dust. I'd like the lid to shed as little dust as possible. I'l thinking something like T-Glase might work, but honestly, that's just a guess. What's the best option here? Thanks in advance! John
  12. I don't think I made any further changes than what's noted already. Since I used Ultimaker nylon as support I used stock settings for it, and then the temperature and print bed changes as discussed. And of course closing up the print chamber to keep the heat in. Would be interested in hearing your experience with the SAC 1060. J
  13. I found the best results were with using a different colour of nylon as support material instead of PVA. I suspect an issue was that the nylon printed too hot to work well with soluble support. For the project I mentioned then, I had the 910 printing the plate flat with a lot of brim, then black Ultimaker nylon used for support inside the barrel and no fans running. The support came out fine and I just reamed out the barrel lightly to get it to final shape and tolerance. I'm happy with this stuff and it is really, really strong. I've also run a hybrid model with the
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