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  1. Completely agree. More a question on how we might verify a supply of what is needed before we take on a product request. I appreciate this is coming together quickly and we'll fill in the blanks as we go. What's the normal time frame from signing up to appearing on the map? You are probably already dealing with a backlog, at least I hope so! 😉 Good on you John
  2. On a related note, there are probably a number of ultimakers out there potentially sitting idle for one reason or another. Is there a way to put out a public call to check for eligible printers and perhaps connect with the nearest active hub that can put the printer to work? I know there are many complexities with doing so, not the least of which is social distancing requirements, but given that these printers wipe down pretty well and we already use isopropyl on the print beds, this might be a way to multiply the number of printers we can bring to bear. One further t
  3. I've tried to fill out the form as best I can. As for materials, I guess it will depend on the need. I have lots of PLA but limited nylon, a fair bit of PETG. Maybe we can put together a chart of what materials are best and safe for what medical applications, any other info like tendency to promote static electricity or things that might interfere with medical devices would be good to know too. Here we go! John
  4. Ditto here in Ottawa. Form is flagged. Happy to help! I can't see the form so this next question might be answered, but if we can be connected to sources of filament that are remaining open and known to work with the parts we need to make, that would be excellent.... Great initiative. Best wishes to all and your loved ones. John
  5. I don't have an S5 but have looked at this off and on since its release. Not to be too picky here, but how did we get to the point where one needs a distributor to correct a firmware update? I don't live anywhere near a distributor. This would be a big deal. I get the hazard warning with stored charges and the advice to avoid exposure is wise. But the philosophy behind such a creation, coming from Ultimaker of all places, surprises me. Now, this place is full of people waaay smarter than me. Is there any possibility down the road of creating an interfac
  6. Hi! Where in the US are you? Thanks and best wishes for a successful listing. John
  7. The Modix is an interesting machine. Still relatively rare so you might be a bit of a pioneer. Can you provide a bit of info as to where (generally) you're located, what print nozzle size(s) you are working with, filament type, etc? Cheers J
  8. Good morning. I've been very reluctant to upgrade either Cura or the firmware on my UM3 due to the severity of the issues over the last few releases. I understand that for many, the changes are all working, but one cannot tell in advance if they are going to have a smooth or destructive upgrade. Hard to accept this kind of risk while offering a commercial service. While I appreciate the changes have been introduced with great intent and in response to user feedback, also that the Ultimaker team is working flat out to fix things, perhaps this is a case of trying to put too much c
  9. Welcome! Can you advise where this printer is located? Thanks John
  10. I've been holding off updating cura or the firmware on my UM3 for months, it just seems the newer releases have a lot of issues. Can anyone running a UM3 with current firmware and also Windows 10 64 bit with Cura 4.4 advise how it is going? Thanks John
  11. Thanks Morghan. I'm in Ottawa, probably not cost effective to try and ship it across the border. That said, it looks like a good system, I'm sure it will get a lot of bites. Cheers John
  12. I'm looking for one of these - where are you located? Cheers John
  13. Thanks! I'll give that a try. All the best John
  14. That's good to know, of course disappointing to miss out on something with such significant potential. While I've been a programmer most of my professional life, I have steered clear of messing with anything below end user interfaces on the ultimaker line. Maybe once this intent feature is proven, there could be discussion of implementing some of what it delivers via other means on older printers. Is that possible? -John
  15. Thanks for your reply! That does make sense and also offers an explanation as to why we have been seeing so many wrinkles in software over the past couple of years. A lot of members in the family and the permutations grow geometrically. In your opinion, would it be realistic to expect these features to be limited to a couple of models in the initial beta test, then expanded outward to include the rest of the production series? John
  16. Same concern regarding the omission of the UM3 from the intent profiles. The engineering tolerances would solve a major issue here - one of the reasons I am looking at options like the markforged as an addition is to try and deal with the existing tolerance variation. Can someone from the team explain why this is limited to the s3 and s5? My hope would be, if you still buy a new version of the printer (and with the UM3 this is the case), it should be supported.... Thanks for your thoughts. John
  17. nallath, thank you for your great response! It's always the same with making and innovation - there is the curve of what is possible and another curve of what is practical. The challenge is finding where the curves intersect. ( In my case, it's often not curves, but scatter plots, but perhaps that is another thread ;-)) The wear-out from retraction is something I hadn't considered. I can see the attempt to run multi-colours on one layer as a bad corner case. What I was thinking about was more along the lines of permitting a two - material print that also needed supp
  18. Didn't really have the control interface understood. Thanks! John
  19. I like the material station for what it allows, now, but perhaps more importantly, next steps. I'm not clear on a few things, so permit me to ask a few questions that might already have answers (but I can't find). 1) I can see that the material handler works with NFC coded spools. How does it work with generic materials? 2) I can see that the material handler will automatically find a new spool of the same material when the first spool is exhausted. How big a leap would it be to allow material switching (to another color or even material type) mid job, somethin
  20. Thanks! That sounds like a good approach to me. I might print off the original in a wax in that case, maybe make a 'lost wax' mold and use the clear resin as you suggest. Much appreciated. John
  21. Good morning everyone. I have been asked to support an application (impeller) that will have a high rotation speed and clearly also pressure increase per function. This is an experiment so vane design will be a function of safe RPM. I have input to that value. My first inclination was to say that FDM would not be able to achieve either the strength or weight balance required for anything more than very slow rotation. Then I thought, why guess, when I can ask here?? Has anyone successfully created high speed rotating parts with their Ultimaker (3)? If so,
  22. That is true, I should have been clearer and divided the discussion or renamed it 'heat treating'. That said, what are folks using to address heat treating needs and how do those options change across the range of filaments? John
  23. good morning! Thanks for your replies. To clarify, I'd like to be able to sinter anything that can be improved with this phase. I understand that certain PLAs respond well, all the way up to metal binders. My understanding has been that, once one gets into the really high end metal 'binders' like the BASF Ultrafuse, post processing is really beyond the grasp of the general public, but my hope is to find out what is and is not practical, in the opinion of the members here. Much appreciated. John
  24. Good morning. I thought I would place this topic in materials as some of the newer ones (such as the BASF Ultrafuse) seem to be meant for sintering in order to achieve their specification. I have pretty much assumed that use of the family oven for sintering polymers is probably a recipe for a multi-level nightmare, so then what works? I have equally assumed that something small like a toaster oven would have a heating element far too close to the material and local hot spots would likely be too much. What have you tried and how did it go? Thanks in advance
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