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  1. I don't have a resin printer so not an option. I used the 0.25 nozzle and 0.1 layer height and they look pretty good.
  2. I need to print a bunch of very small armored vehicles for a wargaming class so I think I will go with the 0.25 and 0.1 layer height. Thanks for all the replies
  3. So is there any point in using the AA 0.25 vs AA 0.4? I need to do some high resolution prints and am trying to get the best results. Should it be AA 0.25 at 0.1 or AA 0.4 at 0.06?
  4. I have a lot of small models that I need to print and wanted to use my AA 0.25 nozzle but every time I swap to it in Cura my layer height is locked at 0.1mm. If I swap to the AA 0.4 nozzle I can select 0.06mm lay height. Any idea what is going on?
  5. I am trying to print an ABS part on my Ultimaker 3 and keep getting lots of hair on the outside of it. The weird part is that I can print it on my S5 with a AA 0.8 nozzle with no issues. On the S5 I had antennae sticking off the print if I used an Ultimaker material profile but switching to generic got rid of almost all of that. It also helped when dealing with the material manager. I don' have a second AA 0.8 nozzle to try on the Ultimaker 3 but I tried swapping it to generic and still the same issues.
  6. OK I will submit a "request" on Monday. I am just glad I could fake it out as I was 4 hours into a 12 hour print when this happened
  7. I was doing a large print and ran out of Magenta PLA. I thought the machine would let me go to another spook of PLA but it would only accept magenta PLA. I finally faked it out by loading the empty spool of magenta in the bay but feeding the green PLA into the feeder and then swapping the spools. Am I missing something or is the only way to get it to swap to another spool of the same material type is to put it in as generic and not let it read the NFC tag? I was hoping I would be able to select which spool to use next.
  8. That was what I was afraid you were going to say. I am trying to turn out lots of these headbands so I need to print as fast as I can. Guess I will tweak things until I get a minimum number of antennae. I think the reason I am seeing this on my Ultimakers and not the Lulzbot is due to the different feed mechanisms. The Lulzbot is pulling whereas the Ultimaker is pushing.
  9. On both my Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker S5 I get little pieces of the ABS material sticking off the side of the print (see pictures). This is using the AA 0.8 core. If I use the AA 0.4 core I get smaller versions of these but still some. The part is U shaped and it is always on the inside of the U. I am printing the same part on a Lulzbot Taz 6 and there the most get are a few thin strands I can easily brush away.
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