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  1. Good evening! Tnank you for answer! I understand this decision.
  2. Good day! I mean script (Extensions->Post Processing-> Modify G-Code-> post processing scripts->add a script->TweakAtZ 5.1 (Experimental)) by tweak.
  3. Thanks for answer:)! We reset cura settings, but it doesn't work all the same. So, i installed Cura 2.5 beta. There are i can save my materials, but i can't save tweaks.
  4. Good morning! I'm just started using Cura 2.4.0 (before we used Cura 15.02.1), and there are some problems, which i can't solve. 1. When i create new material, it's works only for one using. If i close cura or change model, i must create my material again. 2. The same trouble with tweaks: i must create it all times for new model and printer. So, it's really uncomfortable, and takes time. In Cura 15.02.1 it's works perfect. Can you help us, please? May be there are some settings to save it?
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