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  1. Back when I was running a small PC-based digital recording studio I used a product called ContourDesign ShuttlePro. It is a USB2/3 multi-button/jogwheel controller with assignable functions per programs used. The most popular multimedia editing programs include templates that use the ShuttlePro or you can design your own templates to suit your needs. Buttons can be labelled and many example templates and tutorials exist. There's also a ShuttleXpress, a cheaper pared-down version.
  2. Thanks Geert - that's useful to know. I'm in off-print mode at the moment, deliberately, to catch up on household chores.
  3. @pixl2 I guess one of the ultimate tests of grunge art is if you found it by the side of the road and walked past it.
  4. @pixl - that is superb grungy rust and divine grubbiness! Well done.
  5. We said hello to each other shortly after I joined the UM forum but nothing more than that. Thanks for the tips. I've been in contact with Dizingof about the "Ennepper Vase" in my OP - about his support strategy for a piece like that vase. He sells finished prints of his beautiful commercial Maths models so I can understand why he might be reluctant to share any making details. I also appreciate his generosity in providing so many free models to download but he includes no making details that would be helpful to a newbie. That's too bad but I think I understand where he's coming from.
  6. Actually not so different . A 3D printer follows/extrudes using a model. With pottery/ceramics you ARE the extruder and modifications to the model can happen instantaneously. A potter's fingertips can discern 1/1000" (0.0254mm), just like those Japanese ball-bearing testers one sometimes reads about. I avoided making sets as much as possible to stop myself from going repetition-crazy
  7. All surprising and complex prints! And here I am muttering about Ultimaker being one of the most expensive and painfully-slow 3D toy-making factories. Your prints show another side to the story. When I was into pottery, Japanese pottery master Shoji Hamada kind of became my remote teacher (although he didn't know it) He regarded a period of 30 years about the timespan for a potter to complete their apprenticeship. Scary stuff. So I just managed to squeeze in :). I suspect I was spoiled by the quality I could achieve with pottery, such as this large 60cm airbrushed wall plate which took about 30 mins to make and another day or two to glaze, decorate and fire: I'm humbled by the prints you guys are making.
  8. For stable base do you mean a raft Geert? The "base' is actually halfway up the form.
  9. Great tip ahoeben - thank you! Does the job perfectly.
  10. Of course, you are both right. Preference is what it's all about.
  11. I was responding to 'common lingo' as in: when I shop for filaments, they're called filaments on most websites. Like not calling potatoes tubers.
  12. But they're all filaments, no? It's ok kman. I'm a curmudgeon until I take my pills. I really don't mind what that section is called. I'll watch Talking Heads "Stop Making Sense" again.
  13. LOL! That worked beautifully kman. Couldn't be simpler. Thank you. I will.
  14. My PC's C drive, all 47GB of it, is 32bit. I understood Cura v 2.3.1 is the last of the 32bit mohicans. It would take me a month of Sundays to reinstall everything on a 64bit C drive. I did create a 64bit system on a spare SSD but it was cumbersome switching between OSs. I am too old and lazy to futz around chasing faster and better. I'm happy with good. Thanks for the faking out tip. You're not just a pretty face
  15. Why oh why is there not a checkbox on Cura 2.3.1xx (win 7 32bit) to disable slicing until the model has been positioned, adjusted, resized etc? This has got to be one of the major PITA with Cura. Manipulating a 57MB model of a hollow moon with 2.3.1 brings it to its knees and it sits there like a stunned monkey, calculating...calculating with every twitch and sneeze until I run out of oxygen or Cura crashes. Can one of your community of experts please enlighten me? Is there some way to allocate more RAM to Cura, to oil the wheels? Software that doesn't work fluidly just spoils the 3D printing experience. Meshmixer is not much different - it's a futzing crashfest. Thank you!
  16. Well said Andy - better than I could (or wanted to) say. I do appreciate the focused preparatory work sandervG and the transition team put in to get the new site up and running. Your example forum site Speakev is an excellent model - compact, easy to navigate, easy to search. Most forums I've visited that follow this model work smoothly and well. That's what I meant in my OP, when I said broken flow and trying to reinvent the wheel. But hey, I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, especially around Christmas, the time of goodwill and cheer - even if that goodwill is very thin on the ground or entirely absent around the planet which is our home. And I suspect none of the UM team are web designers. I'm a 'retired' web designer with some 30 years experience and the UM flaws you mentioned stand out like searchlights. But, with my younger arrogance now held firmly in check, I'm not beyond telling someone what they don't want to hear. Especially that space-sucking robot Godzilla monster...passable when tiny, butt-ugly when that big.
  17. We are both right sandervG We will always see things and processes differently. Let's begin with some relativity. This is your web page structure, seen on a vertically oriented (portrait) 1080x1920 his res monitor: Do you see any problems with this page? I'm using Win7 Ult 32bit and the bottom half of the trademark robot was so big it not fit on the screen without more scrolling.
  18. I find this hard to say clearly, having lived with the old forum for a longish time and the new forum for only a short time. Although the old forum had some long-time bugs and as a beginner i found it hard to get a handle on it, it had a certain order to how the content was arranged. I knew fairly accurately where to go to find stuff. Now the flow of the forum feels broken and 'lumped' together. My impression is that the new forum came about from a desire to fix those old bugs and to make the forum more user friendly. But somewhere the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater. Bugs aside, I liked the ordering of main and sub categories of the old forum. It now feels as if you are trying to reinvent the wheel and to make it new, new, new. It reminds me of the Windows range of operating systems where each new OS version becomes more and more complex and difficult to navigate and instead of a wonder of user-friendly design it becomes a lame duck, with hard-won learning curves tossed aside and users left to sink, swim or drowned in information overload. Perhaps the forum team can now have some time out to be with your friends and families and come back to the forum when you're refreshed and clear-headed. Einstein, and later Bernaud Mandelbrot (the discoverer of fractals), were highly aware that underneath the enormous complexity of the universe there are very simple foundations and order. Have a great Christmas and New Year.
  19. When I click the link in the notification email from UM, the target forum page opens with: Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S136/C This happens persistently in Firefox, Opera and Chrome.
  20. I'm retired and don't work in Fashion Manufacturing as stated. How can I change this info? Practicing to be an ancestor would be technically correct Thanks.
  21. Thanks for your input meduza - much appreciated. I found one New Zealand stockist for Krylon Kamar Varnish.
  22. Clicking on the email link from Ultimaker results in an error 2S136/C
  23. I'll check on the step ranges once I get all the baked-on gunk off the internal walls. The temperature knob rotates steplessly.
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