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  1. well, that's an idea how to handle the problem. I'm not quite sure if it is the most "correct" way to do it, but it will definitively work. While thinking about this, it also might be the better way, because the flow might vary with speed and temperature. Thank's for the input!
  2. Hello, I currently updated an UM3 to the latest stable firmware (3.6). I am not sure how it behaved in older versions, but I recognized, that it is not possible to change the material flow parameter for only one extruder. So if I change the value for extruder 1 it is automatically change for extruder 2 as well. I used the 'Tune' menu on the printer to change the value. I don't think that this is the right/desired behavior. The flow might be different for different materials that are used in the same printing job. If it - why ever - is the right behavior I suggest to extract the setting from the 'Extruder 1/2' menu to a separated entry, because it suggests to be changeable per extruder and not in general. best regards, ahorn42
  3. Hello, it seems not to be possible to store different material flow values within the material database of cura? Am I right or did I miss some settings? On UM2 ist was possible to set the 'standard' material flow value per material preset. As UM3 don't has presets on the machine itself it seems only to be possible to adjust the flow manual during printing or slicing. But in in my opinion the material flow is a property of the materials not of the object or print job. Are there any thoughts about adding this feature to the material database? - I could not find something via google till now. best regards, ahorn42
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