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  1. My machine settings, Printhead settings are as follows : X min 10 Y min 10 X max 25 Y max 90 From all my searching, Cura is supposed to optimize the object order of printing according to these machine settings. When I do multiple copies with one-at-a-time setting, cura would space them at 10mm in X and Y direction, which is what I would expect. But no matter what I tried it always would print from back to front. That meant the objects would have to be place at 90mm apart in the Y direction. After much hair pulling and searching with no success I decided to switch the Y min and max settings. So I put 90mm in Y min and 10 in Y max. According to the popup help in cura that is opposite of what it should be. But this was the cure I was looking for. It starting printing from front to back. Is this an issue of the values being used backwards by cura? Has anyone else come to this conclusion or even had this problem? Or am I just missing something? Ed Ubuntu 18.04.1 Cura 3.5.1
  2. That was it. I know I changed that setting. I probably did not hit enter or tab off before closing the setup. Thanks.
  3. Ubuntu 18.4.1 LTS Cura 3.4.1 I have added an new printer with a 3 extruders for a diamond head. I select an extruder on the top right of the display then drop down the material list, ex1 and ex2 are the same but when I select ex3 the material lists are different. When the material list is open, if I proceed to Manage materials, ex3 is still different. If I add one it will not show up on all 3. Have to add same material twice. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Having an issue with the firmware retract in this plugin. Using Cura 3.2.0. This is the code generated without the setting turned on: G1 F1500 E-3 G1 F300 Z0.7 G0 F2769.2 X157.281 Y47.142 Z0.7 M566 X900 Y900 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F300 Z0.2 G1 F1500 E3.02658 Code generated with firmware retract turned on: G10 G1 F300 Z0.7 G0 F2769.2 X157.281 Y47.142 Z0.7 M566 X900 Y900 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F300 Z0.2 G11 G1 F1500 E195.12999 Its the last line that is causing problems. When the unretract happens I get a 195mm blob before it returns to printing. It looks like its putting an absolution extruder position instead of a relative one. Not sure why its even putting this line in. Should it not take care of it in the G11 command? M207 S2.5 F3600 T1200 Z0.3 ;Set Firmware Retract, 2.5mm retract at 60mm/sec. Un-Retract at 20mm/sec. 0.3mm zhop Anyway to fix this problem?
  5. I have no pressing desire to use volumetric. What I am trying to achieve is using firmware retract, with all 3 extruders at once.
  6. I have been searching for a while now and cannot find a solution. I am using Cura 3.2.0 connecting to a Duet Wifi 1.21 with a coreXY and a diamond hotend. Every time i find some information on setting up to enable firmware retract I am told to set the GCode flavor to Reprap (volumetric). Do not have that as an option. I have Marlin (volumetric), but the duet does not like that flavor very well. I have read I can use Ulticode because its volumetric, but said I could not use Start GCode. But have tested that and it seems I still can. So not sure the version they were using. Will there be any compability issues with using Ultimaker 2 flavor? Am I missing the RepRap (volumetric) option for some reason? If anyone has a similar setup, mind sharing some settings? Ed
  7. I chose to join because even though he was using the UM3 the problem he has was exactly the problem I had with using the second extruder even though I had all settings indicating to use the first. I checked the G-Code output and it was wrong so problem was with Cura not the UM3. Once I printed the single color print it picked the correct extruder. Since then even 2 color has worked correctly. Now I get to learn the intricacies of dual color printing. Thanks for all the suggestions. Ed.
  8. OK, that did not really make sense. I tested with a one color test cube and work correctly. Reloaded the test bridge and now it is starting with the correct extruder. I just finished setting up Marlin with my Hictop for dual extruders and it actually started the test bridge correctly. I had to stop it because the new extruder motor was running backwards. I switched direction and re uploaded, after that it would no longer work.
  9. Sorry I did not specify. My problem is with Cura reversing extruders.
  10. I am having the same problem. Have you been able to solve this problem? Please post solution. Cura 3.1.0 Ubuntu 16.04
  11. Foulkn

    Hatchbox petg

    I started using petg a few months ago, bought 1 black and 1 blue spool. A little time tweaking and it is printing quite well for me. I purchased 3 yellow spools of the same Hatchbox petg. I cannot get any of these spools to print without skipping. I cannot see if it is stalling the feed stepper or if the filament is slipping. I have ran up to 265c, I have run as slow as 10mm/s I have reduced flow to 80% Combination of all these. Nothing I do seems to change the skipping. I did notice when I first tried it that it was bubbling a lot. I was assuming moisture. Thought it was cooling the extruder locally. So I purchased a drying unit. Dried 1 spool about 36 hours. I do not notice the bubbling any more, but still skipping. Went back to the blue and it prints flawless. I am at a loss, not sure what to do. Any suggestions?
  12. I have a few large prints (36-48 hours) I am going to start, problem is I need to pause in 2 places. I would really like to be here or awake when the pause happens. What I would like to see is cura tell me a time to the layer your currently viewing. That way I can estimate the best start time for the print. Is there any way of telling that time? Or second option is to turn down or shut off the extruder heat when the pause happens, then reheat before it resumes the print. Any thoughts?
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