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  1. My machine settings, Printhead settings are as follows : X min 10 Y min 10 X max 25 Y max 90 From all my searching, Cura is supposed to optimize the object order of printing according to these machine settings. When I do multiple copies with one-at-a-time setting, cura would space them at 10mm in X and Y direction, which is what I would expect. But no matter what I tried it always would print from back to front. That meant the objects would have to be place at 90mm apart in the Y direction. After much hair pulling and searching with no success I decided
  2. That was it. I know I changed that setting. I probably did not hit enter or tab off before closing the setup. Thanks.
  3. Ubuntu 18.4.1 LTS Cura 3.4.1 I have added an new printer with a 3 extruders for a diamond head. I select an extruder on the top right of the display then drop down the material list, ex1 and ex2 are the same but when I select ex3 the material lists are different. When the material list is open, if I proceed to Manage materials, ex3 is still different. If I add one it will not show up on all 3. Have to add same material twice. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Having an issue with the firmware retract in this plugin. Using Cura 3.2.0. This is the code generated without the setting turned on: G1 F1500 E-3 G1 F300 Z0.7 G0 F2769.2 X157.281 Y47.142 Z0.7 M566 X900 Y900 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F300 Z0.2 G1 F1500 E3.02658 Code generated with firmware retract turned on: G10 G1 F300 Z0.7 G0 F2769.2 X157.281 Y47.142 Z0.7 M566 X900 Y900 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F300 Z0.2 G11 G1 F1500 E195.12999 Its the last line that is causing problems. When the unretract happens I get a
  5. I have no pressing desire to use volumetric. What I am trying to achieve is using firmware retract, with all 3 extruders at once.
  6. I have been searching for a while now and cannot find a solution. I am using Cura 3.2.0 connecting to a Duet Wifi 1.21 with a coreXY and a diamond hotend. Every time i find some information on setting up to enable firmware retract I am told to set the GCode flavor to Reprap (volumetric). Do not have that as an option. I have Marlin (volumetric), but the duet does not like that flavor very well. I have read I can use Ulticode because its volumetric, but said I could not use Start GCode. But have tested that and it seems I still can. So not sure the version they were using. Wil
  7. I chose to join because even though he was using the UM3 the problem he has was exactly the problem I had with using the second extruder even though I had all settings indicating to use the first. I checked the G-Code output and it was wrong so problem was with Cura not the UM3. Once I printed the single color print it picked the correct extruder. Since then even 2 color has worked correctly. Now I get to learn the intricacies of dual color printing. Thanks for all the suggestions. Ed.
  8. OK, that did not really make sense. I tested with a one color test cube and work correctly. Reloaded the test bridge and now it is starting with the correct extruder. I just finished setting up Marlin with my Hictop for dual extruders and it actually started the test bridge correctly. I had to stop it because the new extruder motor was running backwards. I switched direction and re uploaded, after that it would no longer work.
  9. Sorry I did not specify. My problem is with Cura reversing extruders.
  10. I am having the same problem. Have you been able to solve this problem? Please post solution. Cura 3.1.0 Ubuntu 16.04
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