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  1. The one thing I forgot to mention is that in a business network we assigned all 3D printers to a VLAN other than the normal user network. If your business does not have a specific VLAN on WiFi other than the user network then one might need to be created. That is not a lot of work but usually declined unless it is business critical. We didn't d it until we had our 5th printer. If you have NOT changed anything on the network and the configuration is for a business it is always a good idea to configure the printers with a static IP and white list the mac addresses.
  2. After reading many forums i have yet to find one for this... The knob used by the display rotates and depresses but the display of change is very slow. For example, as I watch the temp selection and rotation of the knob it can take 4-5 rotations to go up 10 degrees. Worse is when I attempt to level the bed and use the knob to raise the bed. Each rotation moves it up only about 2mm. Then it drops at the end of each rotation by about 1mm. This mean that it can take almost 30+ rotations before it reaches the top. I have not yet reseated the knob and can not tell if it is mechanical or not. Thanks for any assistance possible.
  3. when using networked equipment requiring stable activity it is always recommended to use a static IP and white list the device on your firewall. If you wish to maintain DHCP then try white listing your printers mac address on your router. It will keep it in a "trusted" state and not attempt to change its connection configurations.
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