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  1. This is a good source to follow to get your finder running with Cura: https://labs.tomasino.org/flashforge-finder-with-cura/
  2. This is possible, I have created the start and end g-code for a flash forge finder and have used it to print parts. You essentially open up a .gx file created by flashprint and copy the end and start gcode out and you are ready to go.
  3. In Cura 2.4.0 with the following settings I get only support on Z layer 1: 0.3 mm layer height Support Enabled, Build Plate Adhesion Type: None, Layer one only prints supports, no part paths are generated. Layer two has part paths and support paths. This leads to a 3D print that does not stick well to the build plate due to layer 1 not having part data. Seems like a rounding error or oversight for thicker layer height printing, sine these same settings work in Cura 15.04. See the attached image from Cura 2.4.0, Layers View Mode, showing layer 1 with only support paths.
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