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  1. Hi guys, if you have a second please fill in this quick questionnaire. Thanks! https://goo.gl/forms/QZ0QS7q008dop2Ne2
  2. Hi all, i've made an enclosure that (along with using an acetone/ABS paste) has produced great ABS prints with no delamination. the hinges print as one (do have a file with them in two peices and used a bit of 3mm acrylic rod to join them) uses 5x10mm magnets and is attatched to the printer using the bolts already in it. below is a google drive link which should contain all you need. (you'll need to print 14 of the corner peices and will need m3 nuts and bolts) I laser cut out all the acrylic (5mm) pieces and have supplied the CorelDraw and DXF file https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8pe
  3. Version 1.0


    came out pretty well, i now have one at the office and one at home
  4. Thanks guys! they're much nicer than using bulldog clips, they're simple and work... worst feature would have to be having three levelling screws not four
  5. Hi all, anyone know where to purchase the clips used to secure the glass plate to the heated bed? i am interested about using them on my i3 printer cheers
  6. Good-day wonderful folk, This has happened once or twice returning the next day expecting to see a finished print, but finding that the machine has stopped mid print. today was the first time i actually witnessed it happening, but it was only happening on the second layer (i had the heated bed at 25 degrees). but then it happened on a few hours in to a hugge print... i swapped power supplies (we have three UM2+'s) and the same thing happened. Did another test and it seemed okay. however the 15 hour print on the one next to it then decided to die. same thing - click and power off then on.
  7. I was unaware of this feature, cheers! unfortunately though, i do not get the 'user specified' option, only 'back' 'shortest' and 'random' any idea why that may be?
  8. Greetings- this has occurred a few times, but never this bad. it's caused from when the printhead moves from the second layer out to the first layer and back the other way, each time it leaves a small mark...is there a setting in cura to prevent this or to decide where the marks go? as the back of the print is coming out fine, but the front face which will be seen is having the issues. (printed with 0.8 nozzle at 0.4 layer height- never printed at 0.4 before, possible cause? )
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