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  1. Replacing the thermistor (temperature sensor) seems to have fixed the problem. If you know how to solder and replace SMD components, it's the PT100 component on the bed heater (see this site https://fbrc8.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/208281963-Heated-Bed-Plate ) and we used this component https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/heraeus-sensor-technology-usa/32207605/1759-1009-1-ND/6677788 [specs 100 Ohms RTD Platinum ±0.3% ±3850ppm/°C -50°C ~ 130°C 0805 ].
  2. I keep receiving this error mid print. "Max temp. error on the build plate. Go to ultimaker.com/ER14" I check the cables on the build plate and the board as recommended. This is the only forum entry I see which addresses the issue:
  3. @Torgeir Thanks for the help. I agree, looks like a temp sensor or else the main board. Will try replacing the thermistor on the heat bed.
  4. @Nicolinux It's the latest stable firmware. I tried restoring to factory settings, but same problem, so must be a hardware issue. Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. What should I do next? Here are some screenshots of the temperature graph (I turned on and off different items in the legend) and also the event log.
  6. engr

    Firmware change log?

    I updated the firmware on U3 ( stable), and I was curious what changes there were in this version. I see a change log for Cura here https://ultimaker.com/en/products/cura-software/release-notes But for firmware, I only found this post for an older version https://ultimaker.com/en/blog/35639-ultimaker-3-firmware-update-whats-new-in-version-35 Is there a site for a Firmware Change Log or Release Notes? - Also, based on the version name, I'd guess that the firmware has been out since April 6th, but I didn't get a notification that there was an update....I was just playing with the settings and checked for an update. Shouldn't we get a notification of a firmware update?
  7. I am printing a bracket (shaped like a wide V or sort of batwing), dimensions about 7 inches long and .75 inches high (180 mm x 19 mm). Using Ultimaker PLA with Ultimaker PVA support with 0.1mm layer height using (latest Cura and UM3+. The final print is only .69 inches (17.5 mm) instead of .75 inches, so the Z is off by a lot. I measured before dissolving the support, so it's not warping. I can't show the whole part because it's a corporate design, but here are some images which I think show enough. The only idea I have is PVA shrinkage during print (maybe water content, material pops a little during print, but doesn't seem soft or sticky and it adheres fine) Any suggestions what is the cause? Thanks.
  8. engr

    Why is z height off by so much

    Active leveling is on. The part is shaped like this when printed: ¯\__/¯ And the dimensional discrepancy is between the build plate and the ends on both ends. So, yes, it's the wrong height at both ends of the part.
  9. engr

    Why is z height off by so much

    X & Y dimensions are as good as usual (within .010").
  10. engr

    Super Clogged Extruders

    I'm curious to know this too, haha!
  11. engr

    Firmware change log?

    From the "What to expect in 3.7" firmware blog entry: Thanks. This is what I asked for in the second question of my original post.
  12. engr

    Firmware change log?

    Yes, I would have expected the firmware release notes in a dedicated page like the Cura release notes: https://ultimaker.com/en/products/cura-software/release-notes
  13. Are you using support material?
  14. I want to print a part using custom-made prime towers. Therefore, I want to print this sequence for each layer: Prime Tower 1 (with Material 1) Part (with Material 1) Prime Tower 2 (with Material 2) Part (with Material 2) Using per-model-settings, I can easily set the material. However, Cura insists on printing Prime Tower 2 last. I have tried different orders of loading parts. I have tried moving things around until I felt like Abbott & Costello with the shell game. Is it possible to force this as I require? I've searched the forum, but haven't find this exact question.
  15. engr

    UM3e - BIG mess

    Had that happen to me once. For some reason something broke free of the plate and stuck to the nozzle, and so any new material would just build up around the head since it was being deposited in midair. Took me over an hour, but I manually heated up the print core and used tweezers to pull as much softened material as I could. Then I took out the print core and used a micro heat gun (used in soldering rework) to free up residual material. Luckily it was PLA, so it had a relatively low temperature. And luckily the electronics board on the print head was clean so I stayed away from that. Thought I would have ruined something, but it all came out OK. The only damaged part was that white silicone-type gasket which the nozzle protrudes through, but it's not too bad. Hope you have similar luck.
  16. In this specific case, no, but usually yes. What do you mean by "that"... do you mean the prime tower isn't hairy like in the photo?
  17. Same here on both counts--Cura disconnects sometimes, and UM3 forgets who I am often. Windows 10 / Cura 2.5.0 / UM3+
  18. Thanks @ahoeben. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/1849
  19. Because what you call "priming" is not seen as priming by Cura. The 2 "custom prime towers" are not prime towers, but just regular objects. There is no way to tell Cura in what order objects must be printed. @tomnagel is correct. And I want to use two custom prime towers in order to prime both nozzles but keep the material separate. The Cura-generated prime tower uses the same tower to prime both nozzles.
  20. Not so with polycarbonate. And PVA cannot be applied to PC, although PC can be applied to PVA. Here's a pic of what happens with my custom tower of PC. If I don't prime a sacrificial part, then this hairy mess happens on my good part.
  21. Since you are the only answer, you get the "Best Answer" vote. But how do I make this (forcing print order in Cura) a feature request? I don't see a feature request section of the forum.
  22. engr

    Cura X-Y resolution

    Just wanted to make sure I'm maxing out the res. Makes sense that it's not a thing, just making sure, thanks.
  23. engr

    Cura X-Y resolution

    Is there a setting for X-Y resolution in Cura?
  24. What's the best way to check on the status of the print without using Cura? I don't like to keep Cura open because it makes my PC spin up loud, but I'd like to know time remaining, temperatures, etc. I got the webcam streaming in a browser, so that's not a problem. I can get the times with a bit of work using [ip address]/api/v1/print_job but I have to do calculations to change the seconds into hours, % remaining, etc. And I can find temperatures in a similar way, but again not very user friendly. Has somebody made a script or applet that does this?
  25. You know what? That is cool! No, I only had found /api/v1/printer/bed/temperature But I'm still looking for a cura-style all-in-one monitor thing.

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