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  1. SandervG, I think you may have mis-understood the request. I believe Berninni55 is looking for a model of a shoe last so he can print one. A shoe last is the armature around which a shoe is made. Shoe Last Hi Sander, the reaction of XYZDesign Pro is correct. I don't want to make 3D printed shoes but I am looking for someone with experience in printing a shoe last (no matter which model). With a shoe last I can ask a shoemaker to make shoes for me. Is this clear to you (and to others)? Cheers, Bernini55.
  2. Hello, I want to make a shoe last as a model for making real shoes for myself. Because I'm an unexperienced 3D printing member of this community, I would like to meet someone with experience! Please post some information (input file, material, etc) and a photo. Thanks, Bernini55
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