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  1. PVA is very sensitive, like even 24hrs exposure to humidity can give big problems. In the early years i wasn't aware of this, and it made me having lots of troubles which i never could identify. Since i changed my behavior with these kind of filaments, i no longer have any problems. You can use a drybox, but, and this is my current way of working, you can also only cut the needed length of the roll PVA, and put the rest back in the original sealed bag with its dessicant.
  2. Yes, i probably wil try one out. The simplicity is everything! Also the printquality with the lightweight head.
  3. Great printer made better again! For me this is still the best Ultimaker in the pack.
  4. I use this a lot! perfect product for my mechanical parts. Although heath resistance is not high. I would say, dont go above 50 degrees celsius.
  5. Mine is in this state from the beginning. No reliable wifi connection. Don't know where the problem is. I guess my network. But there are no diagnostics utilities. So very hard to resolve.
  6. I love my S5, but the printer is not as precise (tolerances / elephant foot), as my UM3 and UM2+ I can't speak of the S3, but my feeling is that the weight of the head and the moving axes are the most important factors in this behavior. For me, the only thing missing on the UM3, is the filament detection. (and the levers of the feeder for easy loading of the filament)
  7. I was in exact the same situation, Building 3d printers, and found my "heaven" in S3D. I hated Cura, because there where so many things missing. But now, in the current status, (UM2, UM3, UM S5), with the current Cura, it works so good!!! For professional use, there is almost no tinkering, just plug and play. Yes S3D is surely better in some ways, but the package Cura + Ultimaker works almost flawlessly.
  8. Thanks! I did a fresh install, and now the material shows up. Solved. 😉
  9. I installed it thru the marketplace (just like the iglidur 150, and a lot of other materials, which all work perfect), but it does not show up in cura materials selection. It is UM3 and UM5 compatible, both printers i use. Anyone a clue?
  10. Did you check the pulleys? I once had a pulley that was coming lose. (check on the motors and the connecting pulleys)
  11. Yes, quite remarkable! The most critical things are speed, (jerk and acceleration) Maybe one off the belt tensioning?
  12. Let's see what the Polymax result will be.
  13. Are you sure your filament is dry? do you still have your 2+?
  14. Here you are: UM3 AA 0.4 Latest cura, default setting 0.15 Polymaker tough pla black The damage to the brim is a result of a too high adhesive from the first layer (normally i do a Z 0.1 offset) Greetings, Rudy
  15. Same here, only the Brim removed, and Z offset of 0.1, and for mechanical parts horizontal -0.1
  16. I suggest this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2166102 I will print it on my um3, Cura 4.6.1, default 0.15mm with ultimaker tough black pla setting. Probably will be on my printer in 24hours. (is busy now)
  17. https://www.amazon.com/Polymaker-PolyMax-Filament-Jam-Free-Stronger/dp/B00YXBNMOI/ref=pd_sbs_328_6/135-1764888-1426240?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01GDURWJC&pd_rd_r=27805f8b-5a57-426a-9497-bc97a8692d0a&pd_rd_w=f3a5U&pd_rd_wg=aT3Rj&pf_rd_p=bdc67ba8-ab69-42ee-b8d8-8f5336b36a83&pf_rd_r=NVBD88NNWMJREG45FGZF&refRID=NVBD88NNWMJREG45FGZF&th=1
  18. Sorry, i don't use PETG, this is not the same as Tough-pla Polymax This i have "in stock" https://www.amazon.com/Polymaker-PolyMax-Filament-Jam-Free-Stronger/dp/B00YXBNMOI/ref=pd_sbs_328_6/135-1764888-1426240?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01GDURWJC&pd_rd_r=27805f8b-5a57-426a-9497-bc97a8692d0a&pd_rd_w=f3a5U&pd_rd_wg=aT3Rj&pf_rd_p=bdc67ba8-ab69-42ee-b8d8-8f5336b36a83&pf_rd_r=NVBD88NNWMJREG45FGZF&refRID=NVBD88NNWMJREG45FGZF&th=1
  19. I use this 90% of the time: https://eu.polymaker.com/product/polymax-pla/ mostly white and light grey, also blue, yellow and black For the object, we can use the testblock u pictured in you post.
  20. If you ask me regarding the printquality, my UM2+ is my best, then the UM3, followed by the S5. But the prints you show here are not ok, and the difference between PQ for all these machines are minor. Maybe we can do a test with the same settings and filament, and exchange pictures from the results, so you can judge? I have mostly tough pla from Polymaker, and for budget i use makerfill. Send me the file + settings (i advice standard 0.15 default) Greetings
  21. After doing all this stuff, and still so bad prints, i would seriously doubt the filament. Did you change that? Would be my first thing to do. I you situation i would: 1 change filament 2 change settings to a default fine setting 3 change printcore. 4 change extruder (you can set the default to printcore2, and thereby you can elimate the feeder / bowden) 4 all the rest you already did.
  22. Maar het ziet er zo slordig uit; een +6k machine waar niet fatsoenlijk uur en minuten op staat. Komt de baas langs om naar de nieuwe machine te kijken, zegt ie, nou, dat is toch snel Rudy, moet je daar een verhaaltje gaan afsteken dat de printer die jij als beste naar voor geschoven hebt, een bugje heeft.
  23. Versuche mal mit Klarwasser, nichts dazu. Ich habe viele glasplatte kaput gemacht mit glasreiniger (Instant) zui gebrauchen.
  24. In meinen besten Deutsch 😉 1: nur mit Klarwasser reinigen 2: nie ohne "Schicht" drucken (ich nutze 3D-lac) 3: erste schicht vielleicht etwas hoher printen (plugin Z-ofset, werde von 0.1 in Cura) Grusse Rudy
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