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  1. Thank you all for your replies. Crimping isn't a problem, I have the proper tools here at work. I have added the heatsinks on the stepper drivers and the microcontroller, added the fan and raised the unit up (with the elephant feet). I still get random occurences of "head wander" so I am at a loss to know what is going on. Here's a photo of a typical blown print: It's just a jump to the left... It really drives me in-sa-ay-ay-ay-ay-ane. FYI that's ULTEM PEI sheet we are printing on. Works great with PLA and ABS. Cools down and you just lift it off. PETG sticks a bit aggressively. I
  2. I had tried to post this a couple days ago but I needed to have some settings to my account changed by the moderators. In the meantime I was able to find some information so I post this here for any others who may be seeking the same answer. We are having a curious issue with our Ultimaker 2. I can run a couple prints in the morning but after that our printhead will suddenly decide to take a shortcut across the print leaving a trail of extruded material (followed by a few expletives). We suspect the board is overheating as turning the unit off and allowing it to cool completely will restore n
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